MYgrace is enough

2 Corinthians 12

Thank you Apostle Paul. So many of you have never met or seen me. One of the characteristics I have is that it is impossible for anyone to shake my faith in the LORD JESUS. I know that the LORD JESUS and I have a relationship. One of the characteristics that HE has is a healer and I also know that regardless of what my flesh maybe experiencing; I am healed and daily I am becoming whole in HIM. I love it when the Holy Spirit illuminates the Word of GOD in my spirit; I just get so excited. I have always confided to my mentors that when I pray for others whose flesh is ailing them; the LORD JESUS shows up and the problem in their flesh goes away. When I am flowing in the anointing my flesh is pain free and strong but once the anointing is lifted I’m in pain again and my flesh returns to it’s weaken state. Now I’m never down trodden by what my outer body looks like because I’m filled with the joy of the LORD and I really do walk in HIS strength. For thirteen years I have experienced body tremors that come and go; my feet are numb; I’m in pain twenty-four-seven; my legs have grown weaker to the point I can no longer hide the fact that I need help to walk and my latest experience is that my left hand is growing numb; two fingers are completely numb which makes it difficult for me a professional typist to type. However, I will continue until I need an assistant for typing; because this is my way of touching so many of you that I love and do not know. Apostle Paul had infirmities also and it did not stop him from travelling to bring the Good News to the lost/unbelievers. He kept on encouraging the body of CHRIST; he kept on writing. All because he knew what the LORD JESUS did for him on the cross and that he was told to do a work that he never swayed from. His work ended when he shut his eyes as he waits for the rapture. I too am compelled in that same manner; this call on my life is not something I can retire from or stop because of some light infirmities that my body is going through. No, my spirit is much strong than my flesh. Yes, there are times when I must slow down and rest but all the while I’m thinking what else can I do to show folk the love of CHRIST JESUS. What else will my heavenly FATHER have me say through my LORD JESUS? Infirmities don’t stop me; in fact they challenge me to keep on trucking in JESUS name. Don’t get me wrong; I still believe that the LORD GOD through the LORD JESUS will heal my body while I’m yet still here on earth. And if not; I don’t care because I know that I have a brand new body that awaits me in heaven that will never malfunction as this one tends to do. This thorn in my flesh does not hamper me because the LORD JESUS HIMSELF said this. “MY grace is enough for you, for MY power is brought to perfection in weakness.” How encouraging for so many who’s body is letting them down. When the LORD JESUS resides in you and you in HIM; if for whatever reason the LORD allows that thorn to remain in our flesh; count it all joy. Bless HIM anyhow; give HIM the praise that HE deserves. HIS grace is sufficient for us; HIS strength is made perfect in our weakness. Apostle Paul, I thank you for letting us know that there are times when our flesh will not be recovered from infirmities; however, that does not mean that we are not healed. We have what we say and I refuse to claim ownership of what is going on with my flesh. If your flesh has infirmities; please don’t say “my cancer, my ALS, my this or that” it does not belong to the LORD JESUS so it does not belong to us.


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