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November 18, 2020

The Holy Spirit Rest – Isaiah 11:2

In this verse of scripture the word rest is not meant in the manner in which we define this word, what this truly means is that the Holy Spirit is a permanent habitator. There was a time and we will see this in many of the scriptures pre-crucifixion when the Holy Spirit came and then left. Well, this is no longer the case today, now when we are baptized in the promised Holy Spirit He will take up residency within our hearts and will remain there.

When we read the above scripture we find the prophecy of JESUS the CHRIST and HIS being baptized by HIS cousin John the Baptizer. “The Spirit of the LORD will rest upon HIM” Jhn. 1:32. The Spirit which belongs to the LORD rested within HIM. Lk. 24:49;  Acts 2:33;  2 Cor. 1:22;  Eph. 1:13-14;  Gal. 3:14

CHRIST JESUS is filled with the Holy Spirit and as you can read in the reference scriptures CHRIST JESUS has given to us HIS Holy Spirit as promised by the FATHER so that He can rest within us as well. 

The LORD CHRIST JESUS who is the FIRST and the LAST is calling out to us all and not everyone has answered HIM. Yet, HE does not speak in a secret language, CHRIST JESUS desires that every human will come near to HIM because HE desires to come near to us. The FATHER has sent to us HIS SON to save us from death, judgment, and sin as well as sending to us HIS Holy Spirit so that we may live as living epistles of the Good News of CHRIST JESUS. 

We have a freedom message and this message is that the Holy Spirit is in CHRIST JESUS who introduced and invites all humans to the ONE the FATHER has anointed and commissioned to share the Good News of HIMself to the poor in spirit [without CHRIST JESUS our spirit is dead and lifeless];  to the broken in heart;  to set free every captive, inmate, prisoner of sin which physically and spiritually keeps us bound, chained, confined, and shackled. Just as JESUS the CHRIST shared HIS message of freedom we to are to do the very same.

As our insurance of just who CHRIST JESUS is after HE was baptized by HIS cousin John the Baptizer, heaven opened up and the Holy Spirit descended and alit on JESUS as the FATHER spoke, proclaiming just who JESUS is. But this does not negate that JESUS was already full of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. Just as the Holy Spirit was made visible with the use of the Dove which is a symbol of peace so that the natural eyes can see. We too can see the Holy Spirit which dwells within the saints of GOD through CHRIST JESUS, not as depicted with JESUS but none the less some of us have seen the Holy Spirit walking among people and alighting on whomever He chooses for whatever reason. The Holy Spirit is unmistakable. 

Those of us who do have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit which rest within us will have but not limited to the Spirit of understanding and wisdom. The Spirit of counsel and strength. And the Spirit of knowledge and the utmost respect of the FATHER, CHRIST JESUS, and the Holy Spirit.

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