Is Forgiveness Important?

redeemed-and-forgiven   My answer is a LOUD yes! It’s in the blood that JESUS poured out for me and this evil, sinful and wicked world for the forgiveness of sins. GOD the FATHER has promised and given JESUS to us the world to forgive us of our sinful ways.

In the trusting of JESUS; in the acceptance and belief of JESUS we get in full measure deliverance, we are saved from our spiritual enemy and our natural enemies who run after us and hate us. JESUS is truth and makes true and show us mercy, compassion and kindness. JESUS fulfills HIS covenant with us.

In the knowledge of JESUS forgiveness; we share with others the forgiveness and remission of sins. Because now we have a changed heart a forgiving heart that is filled with tender mercies and loving kindness.

JESUS the CHRIST suffered died and rose again on the third day for you and myself. HE did not do it for HIMself; HE was not sinful; JESUS had no sin even on the cross sin did not enter into HIS body. Sin was placed on top of HIS body that’s a huge difference.

JESUS said in (Mt. 4:17) “Repent for the Kingdom of heaven is at hand.” This work that was being accomplished for you and me is that repentance for the forgiveness of sins that we all must want to partake in. And that we all should want to tell other in the name of JESUS from nation to nation. Just living in America we don’t have to leave because we are going to meet and know people from other nations and that’s our way of speaking to other nations.

JESUS was exalted and HIS FATHER had JESUS to sit on HIS right hand side which is an acknowledgement of strength and power. The FATHER exalted JESUS to Prince, Leader, Savior, Deliverer and Preserver. JESUS grants order, repentance, forgiveness and releases mankind from sin if only mankind will trust HIM.

The prophets have testified and I do as well testify that if anyone; it does not matter what you have done; just be an anyone and believe, trust in JESUS; rely on JESUS; you will receive forgiveness all of them past, present and future sins through the name of JESUS. No person or thing other than JESUS can completely forgive like JESUS does. Only JESUS can wash away all the yucky filth that sin leaves in and on us. Sin provides condemnation and guilt. Forgiveness provides complete freedom.

The FATHER and JESUS will never judge us or remind us of our past so why will we continue to judge ourselves or remind ourselves of our past that has been taken away. And don’t allow others to do this to you either. Be forgiven!

Redemption is a debt paid; JESUS paid our debt of sin; we deserve hell none of us are good we may have nice personalities but we are not good. JESUS said in (Mk.10:18) “Why do you call ME good? No one is good but ONE, that is, GOD.” You are not GOD so you are not good but when you accept, believe and trust in JESUS you can become righteous in JESUS which makes you good in the sight of GOD. The redemption JESUS paid for us was with HIS precious sinless blood for our forgiveness of sins.

Now as I close my blog on forgiveness let me leave you with this. Absolute remission of sins means that we are forgiven, that our debt has been paid; it’s cancelled out; we no longer have a penalty against us; we are not guilty; we are not lawbreakers and we have no need to atone for anything. We have been set free in the blood of forgiveness in CHRIST JESUS.  

Ref. Scriptures:

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