We are not born to fear, yet we grow up fearing, this is just one example of sins grip on our lives. As we begin to read this chapter in Psalms it begins to remind us or to inform us that The LORD is our light and salvation. Then we are asked the question, whom should we fear? I would also like to add to that, what shall I fear? Many people have been taught to take on phobias and we become so gripped by them that we don’t take hold of the fact that The LORD is our Light and our Salvation. HE’s not just the salvation of our soul HE is also the life line, the salvation of anyone or anything that we fear. HE is our refuge, a place of safety our stronghold, a fortified building. We have no reason to be afraid of anyone or anything.

What is your desire? Is it to become saved and be done with it? What is it that you need from GOD that HE will only supply to HIS children? Are you striving to be obedient? Where do you abide? I ask these questions because I don’t think many of us give thought to the benefits of being Prince & Princess of the Kingdom. To be honest with you, I sometime forget myself. It should be a desire to dwell in the house of the LORD forever. Did you know that Revelations provides a glimpse to our Kingdom? It should be a desire of ours to want to be in our DADDY’s face just like we want to be in the face of one that we have romantic ties to. You know what turns me on about GOD, and this is only one of HIS attributes. Is that HE will hide you, like a mother hen hides her chic’s in time of trouble. How cool is that?

You know GOD ask that we seek HIS face but instead we seek the face of others such as. Alcohol, drugs, false gods, promiscuity, rebellion and so on. GOD is not a magician, to perform for our every need. GOD is Everything that we need and HE is Good. GOD does not hold anything back from HIS children; HE only provides the very best. If you don’t get what you ask for from HIM then ask yourself the following questions: Do I belong to GOD and did I return to HIM through HIS SON, JESUS? Am I striving for obedience within HIM or am I continually doing my own thing? Do I realize that I am forgiven by HIM and that I too must forgive myself and others? Do I spend quality time with HIM; barely squeezing in 5 minutes or none at all?

You see GOD is the very best teacher we will ever have, HE has sent us HIS SON and HIS SON left us with HIS Holy Spirit. It is our responsibility  to read the Word of GOD daily, even if it’s just one verse a day and think about how that will help you to grow or to help others through your actions towards them. Understand that in order for us to know the will of GOD; we must abide in HIM, through HIS Word, conversation with HIM and prayer. We will become more like our KING and brother JESUS if we just put forth the effort.

Always expect the LORD, wait on HIM continually. Never let your guard down for a moment, let your heart swell in anticipation for HIS soon return as you do when you know that very soon you will see your honey bunch. Always be of good courage.


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