It’s not about what was but what is

Philippians 3

Brothers and sisters in the LORD JESUS; rejoice in union with CHRIST JESUS! Our hearts which were once transformed into iron and steel from anger, hurt and sin has been irrevocably circumcised. We now worship the true and living LORD GOD in the Spirit; as we rejoice in CHRIST JESUS. HIS Spirit has taught us that there is to be no confidence what so ever in our flesh. We owe our flesh nothing but to wash, clothe and feed it nutritional food. So beware of people who are despicable and try to trip you up. There are many evil workers out here in this world; ready to deprive and disfigure those who pretend to be who they are not in the faith of JESUS.  There is no longer a relationship between the LORD GOD and man because his flesh has been circumcised. So why boast in the flesh being circumcised? Why boast in the fact that we belong to a particular denomination made up by man? Why boast in the carnal heritage blood line? Why do we still strive to keep and memorize a law that has been superseded by a far better covenant through the blood of JESUS? Our zeal is most often misplaced due to our lack of relationship with CHRIST JESUS. We are often times looking for the faults of others rather than encouraging the growth and relationship in the LORD JESUS. We persecute other with legalism of denominations because they are not like our denomination or their faith maybe weak in an area that ours is stronger. The law is righteous only to those who can keep the law to the letter; legalism only works to those who are blameless. The law does not save mankind from sin but magnifies the sin in mankind. The law does not bring or give life; it takes life away. We boast in what we have; however, in what we have; has it stolen time away from CHRIST JESUS? It is far better to have nothing at all; to maybe have had and loss just to gain excellence in the knowledge of knowing who CHRIST JESUS is. I suffer when I don’t feed on the Word of GOD; I suffer when I’m not able to attend worship service where I can be around my brothers and sisters in the faith of my LORD JESUS. I’m glad that I suffer so; it lets me know that just as I need oxygen to breath; I need JESUS and HIS Word to survive. I desire to be found righteous in HIM rather than able to keep and memorize the law. I rather be found accountable to my LORD JESUS rather than having all the earthly things that I desire to have. My home is in heaven with my DADDY and with my LORD JESUS. The closer we get to JESUS the more our righteousness in our FATHER is reflective to others in our life. We are powerful only because of our knowledge in JESUS and in HIS resurrection. We share a common bond within HIS suffering as we are daily conformed to HIS death; to HIS resurrection and to HIS living. Let’s not grow tired in succeeding in reaching to the resurrection from the dead. Never, are we to ever get it twisted that we have arrived to the full meaning of perfection or that we are completely perfect. It’s a daily walk in CHRIST JESUS. We are to press on to the high calling in CHRIST JESUS. Lay hold of what CHRIST JESUS has laid a hold of for us. None of us fully understand; however, we must forget the sting of those things behind us and what we have gone through to help another. Share our testimony; people are hopeless and one thing for sure and we all can take it to the bank and cash in on this. What the LORD GOD has done for one; HE will do for another if we want HIS help; truly. Develop tunnel vision and reach for those things which are ahead for us in CHRIST JESUS. Press toward the bulls eye for that prize of the upward call of the LORD GOD in CHRIST JESUS. Let’s have this mindset that the LORD GOD will reveal what must be reveal to us in proper timing. Mature in HIM. Nevertheless, we have obtained to the degree that we are to walk by the same rule and mindset that has been set before us in HIS Word. There are leaders who are totally sold out to the FATHER, the SON and the Spirit of GOD and they can be used as one to follow as an example. I don’t mean to become a Stepford wife; they were robotic in their mindset. However, we all need example setters and there is nothing wrong with watching and listening to one who is more mature than we are as we learn to be who GOD our LORD has destined for us to be in the eons of time. There are some leaders who began the race well for years and somewhere along the line just stopped. They have become enemies of the cross of CHRIST and there end is destruction because they have turned their backs on the true and living GOD; to the god of themselves. They have stolen and deny the LORD GOD of HIS glory and it has become or is or will become a shame because their mindsets are now on earthly things. Don’t forget; we are not from this place. Our home and citizenship is in heaven. We are eagerly waiting on the MESSIAH to return who is our Savior and our LORD CHRIST JESUS. Our bodies will be transformed and we will be conformed to HIS glorious body; according to the working that only HE is able to subdue to HIMself.

u say vs GOD says


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