JESUS attracts many – Mattew 9:10

Now it happened, as JESUS sat at the table in the house that behold, many tax collectors and sinners came and sat down with HIM and HIS disciples.


As a CHRISTian when was the last time sinners with labels such as prostitutes, strippers, alcoholics, junkies, thieves, murderers and such gathered around you? Let’s be honest it either never happens or rarely happens. It’s like that for me also and I’m a minister. You know me by now; I just keep it real. But JESUS has something that we lack; HE oozes Compassion, Gentleness, Grace, Kindness, LOVE and Mercy. Sinners were attracted to HIM and today sinners should be attracted to us. We must find that bridge that which attracts sinners to come and we must at all times be approachable without being judgmental and or legalistic. All too often we get saved and forget that our sin stank just as much in the nostrils of GOD as theirs. And though we are no longer sinners but are now the righteousness of our Heavenly GOD we continue to sin. Oh, don’t act like you are perfect; when was the last time you had a negative thought of any kind? Negativity is of the devil; GOD does not give us negative thoughts or deeds. So who are we to judge another on their conduct; we are to provide a bridge of hope to those who are lost. Encourage everyone sinner and saint but especially the lost sinner because they are strangers. Communicate the love of JESUS; express the love of JESUS. Stop trying to recruit others to join your house-hold of faith/church; your religious affiliation; or for that matter converting another. Just tell others about JESUS; share JESUS; love as JESUS commanded us to do. This is how we win the lost to JESUS. LOVE is what attracts people to people and in a world that lacks love; people are starving and searching for love without realizing this. However, when they see it; they know it and are pulled towards it as a magnet.

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    1. amfbeministry

      Thank you for your comment. I hope that everything that is posted from this ministry; gives pause to all who read and reflect on our relationship in CHRIST JESUS as well as reaching out in love to all. I’m always amazed at how when I write not only does the publication help others but they help me also. GOD Bless you and you are loved.

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