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Some of us read Mark 10:20-22 and maybe have come up with all types of reasons as to why JESUS would want this guy to sell all his possessions. I won’t even get into some of those reasons because I want us to focus on the actual possible reason and better yet; most likely.  

First understand; this really has nothing to do with wealth at all be it that this man was wealthy.

Secondly understand; do we have our possessions or does our possession have us? 

JESUS does not need or wants our possessions actually our possessions are worth gumballs when you think about it compared to how HE views possessions. JESUS walks on streets made from pure, unadulterated, unflawed, unpolluted gold. Our gold is not pure it’s flawed because it’s polluted. In heaven HE sits on HIS very own thrown and there are too many mansions to count that HE prepares for us not HIMself. Not only that but what does the scripture informs us Ps. 50:11-12; For every beast of the forest is MINE and the cattle on a thousand hills. I know all the birds of the mountains and the wild beasts of the field are MINE. If I were hungry, I would not tell you; for the world is MINE and all its fullness.  

So in essence; JESUS does not care if we are wealthy actually when we come to HIM we should have wealth. However, if we don’t have earthly wealth, so what and if we do so what. Having JESUS in our heart who has redeemed our souls is more wealth than we know what to do with. I know this to be true because most of us will never comprehend all of who we are in CHRIST JESUS and walk in our full destiny here on earth. 

You can be financially what is called middle class and consider yourself either financially stable or financially poor; it all depends on your mindset. However, if you have all of what you desire and you were told to give it all away; what would be your very first reply? Truth be told; none of us would jump to that invitation. And only some of us would consider and weigh whether or not it is worth it before we finalize our decision. Then only less of us will actually step up after giving it thought and willingly walk away from it all.  

It’s those that will actually walk away from everything that they have accomplished in this life for JESUS that will gain. You see; humans place far too much enfaces on self effort. Self effort as with anything has its proper place but self effort was never meant to take the place of JESUS and all of heaven. We can’t bargain our way; purchase our way; talk our way or work our way into spending eternity in heaven. 

To spend eternity in heaven it’s all about what you know and who you know. The what; grace, redemption and salvation. The who; JESUS. We are to follow JESUS and nothing and no one else. JESUS loves us and everything that we need and some of what we want HE will provide to us. JESUS has full knowledge of what it is that we are in need of; as a matter fact HE knows better than we do because we don’t get the full concept of need and want. Most people don’t get that realization until they find themselves behind bars; quickly they find out what their needs are and learn to adapt to not getting what they want.  

So regardless of your earthly possessions look around your world and ask yourself; am I ready to walk / run away from everything for JESUS so that I may receive all that HE has for me? 

Now don’t get unhinged; I’m not telling you and neither should anyone else tell you to give away or sell all of your possessions. If this happens make sure that the voice you hear is the true voice of JESUS CHRIST and not mere mortal man. I’m tired of people taking this scripture and raping ignorant people of their possessions all because they don’t have a personal relationship with JESUS; they don’t speak with HIM and HE does not speak with them. JESUS speaks to those who are HIS and who are in relationship with HIM. Strangers don’t know the Word of GOD for themselves; citizens do. 

Get saved; what must you do to be saved? John 3:5-6, 13-18; Romans 10:8-10.

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