That which is thought or which is alleged in words, as the ground or cause of opinion, conclusion or determination. The cause, principle or motive of anything said or done; that which supports or justifies a determination, plan or measure.

What do we think the Bible is telling us on any given subject for our lives?

What fact are we pronouncing when we share GOD’s Word with others are we very positive about what we believe and say?

What is the foundation for which what we believe will be supported in the Word of GOD and by faith? And what is the primary cause for the opinion that with which we believe?

What was the motive JESUS had for sharing HIS Word with us as well as demonstrating what HE left for us as the great examples and what is our motive for sharing what we believe with others but more often than not we do not demonstrate by the examples left for us?

How are we justified, what makes us come to a determination for what we add to the plan of life for us?

What a different blog this is because it points us to question why does JESUS want us to be in a conversation with HIM all the time. Reasoning with JESUS is not just about questioning HIM about stuff, but it’s to give us wisdom and understanding about HIS true intent as to what and why HE did and said the things HE did and why we are to follow. JESUS lived as a human while the law was still our mentor and JESUS the One who wrote the law obeyed the law. But if we notice HE did not obey the letter of the law but the spirit in which HE wrote the law. Every single ceremonial law that was written, JESUS participated in and every single moral law that was written JESUS adhered to as well. The Pharisees and the Sadducees took advantage of the people with the letter of the law, they never shared the entire truth because they themselves did not know the truth. And they added more stringent laws to the Israelites but never once obeyed what they decreed themselves. Not only that, they were not in agreement about the resurrection and of angels. And most definitely did not at any time exercise grace, love, and mercy towards anyone with the exception of love for the money. They took advantage of the ignorant and the poor. They never helped anyone but themselves. These sect of people were extremist when it came to the law which is called legalism. But JESUS though born under the law showed us how we are to obey the law simply out of pure love and faith. We are to show grace because grace is shown toward us each and everyday. We are to be merciful because mercy is what is given to us each and everyday. We are to be loving towards others especially those who have faith in JESUS because the FATHER and JESUS loves us more than we will ever be able to comprehend. Stop fooling yourself, not everything we do and everything we say is counted as being loving. Without fear of dread we can come to the FATHER boldly, we can chill with JESUS because we are family. Share a joke (clean), ask HIM how HIS day is going, share our day with HIM, and speak with HIM as if we can see HIM in the car or room with us. HE will reply because it’s a conversation (speaking about a matter without restraint between two or more participants).

Another example as to why we should conversate / reason with JESUS is because although HE knows everything and sees everything. HE desires that we remind HIM of HIS promise, it’s not that HE has forgotten, HE’s GOD, HE’s not forgotten us. We don’t understand that when we say aloud in our own hearing we are exercising our faith to believe. If I can give a proper example, it’s like speaking and all of a sudden we may say, hold up, what did I say! And it’s like a light has come on and while we are in conversation with JESUS our angels are on the move or we are instantly comforted from what we perceived as a problem for us.

Do you know that we reason together with people daily but we find it strange to reason together with JESUS?

I tell you a truth when we begin to speak with JESUS as if we can see HIM near us because in truth HE really is. Our day will become more relaxing and we will be able to encourage others around us.


Isaiah 1:18, 43:26

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