Desire the best gift

1 Corinthians 12

Maybe I’m standing alone in being ignorant to many of the things that my DADDY has for us all. If so; cool. At least I’m able to admit that when it comes to the things of the Spirit; I don’t know much. I was taught early in my walk with JESUS that no one who is speaking by the Spirit of GOD can say that JESUS is cursed (anathema) and no one can say JESUS is LORD except by the Holy Spirit. I still acknowledge this to this day and will continue throughout eternity that of all the pseudo-christians in this world; unless we have the Holy Spirit residing within; it is impossible for one to proclaim orally and without prejudice that JESUS is LORD and that HE is not cursed! There is only one true and living GOD; one SON who is LORD of all and one Holy Spirit. Now by the Holy Spirit there are various gifts given. There are various ways of serving (ministries) from JESUS the LORD and various kinds of activities or modes of working from GOD who works all things in everyone. Each person is given the particular manifestation of the Spirit for the common good. These are the manifestations with which we are given and with which we flow without stress of effort on our part.

1.     Word of wisdom

2.    Word of knowledge

3.    Faith

4.   Gifts of healing

5.    Working of miracles

6.   Prophecy

7.    Ability to judge between spirits

8.   Ability to speak in various tongues

9.   Ability to interpret various tongues

The Holy Spirit is the one who is at work in all these gifts which are manifested and He gives them to whomever He wills. Just because it is possible to operate in various gifts from time to time or maybe just the once; does not mean that we are anointed to flow in that particular gift with ease often. I desire to be used in most of all seven manifestations of the gifts; however, I know that I’m anointed to flow freely in one or two. I refuse to allow anyone to bully me or talk me into being anyone that I know that GOD has not anointed me to be. The Holy Spirit dwells within me and me within Him and I am secure in knowing that I am a part of a much larger picture. It’s not at all about me, my family or the ministry that my DADDY has given to me. It’s all about the body of CHRIST. There are so many wonderful members that make up the body; those who are seen and unseen; those who are known and unknown and yet we all have our parts to live and operate as the Spirit wills. The LORD GOD has arranged each part of the body just as HE desires; unfortunately, we come along and rearrange the body parts to fit our agenda. Calling ourselves titles that was not given to us or selling pseudo gifts to unsuspecting and ignorant people due to a lack of knowledge in the Word of GOD. Imagine for a moment if you will the illustration I will provide to make this clearer to your understanding. There are and have been many entertainers who have undergone plastic surgery because they did not like the way GOD placed their eyes, nose, lips, ears, cheeks, chin, bust and so on. The thing is, we may be able to get away with the first surgery and we may be able to squeak  by with a second; however, before long we have rearranged and re-arranged so much that we are unrecognizable and have taken on the appearance of some type of freak. It’s the same in the parallel of the spiritual; unfortunately there are many spiritual freaks out there because they have taken it upon themselves to rearrange themselves without the anointing, blessing, consecration and ordination of GOD. When GOD sets us or anything for that matter in the order in which HE desires; its sheer perfection. When we put our clay hands on anything not orchestrated by the Spirit it’s a disaster. Every single one of use is necessary in the body and none of us are bestowed with less dignity. GOD sees fit that the most attractive parts of the body are what’s seen. Think about this; what if our inner body where on the outside and our outside body where on the inside. Don’t you think that would be a mess; I know I do. The plan is that there will be no division; yet, we have allowed the enemy to infiltrate the church and behold we have schisms here and there. We are supposed to be concerned with one another; when one suffers we all suffer; when one is honored we all are honored. Ever stump your baby toe before? Notice how all the toes and the foot are affected by the one injured toe. It seems as though the baby toe is not important and is useless; that is until it is hurt or missing. Together we are the body of CHRIST and individually we are members of HIS body. It is GOD who appoints these to be equipped to work throughout in our communities.

a.    Apostles

b.    Prophets

c.    Teachers

d.    Miracles

e.    Gift of healings

f.     Helps

g.    Administrations

h.    Varieties of tongues

Of all that is written within this chapter; has anyone noticed just what the most desirable gift is? Without that gift it is impossible to have the compassion that JESUS gave us a blue print to follow. JESUS was and is always moved by compassion because of HIS love for us. Love is the desired and best gift that we should have but not just love; we should have Agape the greatest kind of love. Agape is unconditional love; the love that sees past faults and dislikes. See the greater picture who is JESUS the CHRIST.


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