JESUS-Luke 1:31-35

As stated in the book of Isaiah “the LORD HIMSELF will give you…”Behold, the virgin shall conceive, bear a Son and call HIS name Immanuel.” Immanuel means GOD with us. I’m getting excited just to write this; the LORD HIMSELF left all behind and placed HIMSELF into the womb of a woman who had never been touched by any man.  Until after she birthed JESUS and then she knew her husband and brought forth sons and daughters. JESUS means Savior; JESUS is our spiritual Savior; JESUS is complete in our salvation meaning that HE is able and willing to save anyone who is willing to believe in HIM. No matter how many roads mankind travel seeking that perfect path or how many back doors and windows you try to short cut your way to. There is no other person; place or thing that can save mankind except CHRIST JESUS alone. The FATHER gave this task to HIS SON JESUS; no other person has this from the LORD GOD. JESUS is the elect of the True and Living GOD. In GOD’s eyes there is only Jew and Gentile; I’m happy to say that I’m a Gentile who has become a true Jew in the sight of my LORD GOD because of JESUS. Because I’m irrevocably saved by JESUS from all my past, present and future sins; I’m saved from my enemies namely my number one enemy satan. I have a spiritual and eternal salvation all because of JESUS. JESUS is great and wonderful because in HIS person as a GOD-Man meaning that HE is 100% GOD and 100% man. JESUS is the angel of the Great Counsel; the Mighty GOD; the Everlasting FATHER; the Prince of peace. JESUS has a Prophetic office; a Priestly office, HE is our Great High Priest; a KING of Kings; the LORD of Lords; JESUS is our Mediator; Savior. How many of us could carry out the complete perfect head of all these offices and more? We get stressed out just being a supervisor. JESUS is the performer of miracles which is definite proof of HIS Deity. JESUS is the MESSIAH who redeems and who is resurrected from the dead. HALLELUJAH; bless the name of GOD; JESUS arose from the pit so that I can arise to be with HIM forever in Heaven. JESUS sits at the right hand of our FATHER where HE has been given all authority and power above all principalities; JESUS is highly exalted. Those who believe in JESUS are true children of the Most High GOD but unfortunately we were not originally born with the very nature of our FATHER GOD. We had to be adopted by HIM given all the same privileges as though we have HIS blood coursing through our veins. JESUS on the other hand is the very nature of HIS FATHER; JESUS has the complete incorruptible DNA and Blood of HIS FATHER. JESUS is the rightful heir to the throne of David being the son of David through the ancestral family tree by which HIS mother is a descendent of David and so is HIS earthly father. In that time women were subservient to men so mothers did not leave an inheritance to their children because everything they had actually was the property of the husband. So we see that being the son of his earthly father by legality of being his step-son; JESUS was the rightful heir to King David’s throne.  JESUS did not just reign over the Jews; HE also reigned over the Gentiles as well because the house of Jacob consisted of both. Isaiah 9:7 assures that the Kingdom of JESUS will never cease and goes from end to end missing no one. I’m grateful to the mother of JESUS for her obedience and willingness to be chosen to carry GOD in her womb. I’m elated to know that the mother of JESUS did not doubt that the Holy Spirit would place in her womb the Savior of mankind. The Holy Spirit also spoke with JESUS earthly father to assure him that his betrothed is faithful and that she will be bringing forth a gift to all mankind and that he too will have a responsibility in the life of the SON of GOD.

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