The SON pt. 11

Jesus Names

As children, it’s not difficult in the least for us to believe in whatever we are told. This is because our heart, mind, and soul are not all polluted with continual disappointment in people as yet. We come into this world with the full ability to have confidence in the truth. The reliability without its proof as yet. The only people who can destroy this characteristic in every child is an adult.

We first begin by telling our most precious children that there is a baby New Year, cupids that shoot bows into the hearts of people to cause them to love, leprechauns, Easter bunnies hiding eggs, & Santa Claus. And let us not forget the knock on the door, we tell our children to tell the person at the door that they are not home, or the phone rings so the child tells the caller you are not in or sleep or busy. And finally, our child begins to show the beginnings of growing up, they shed their baby teeth and we tell them that there is a tooth fairy placing money beneath their pillows while sleeping. All in all, once the child begins to mature in age we find out that none of those things were true and our hearts begin to grow a wee bit cold. We no longer believe a person the older we get because we’ve been hurt far too many times by all the broken promises half or no heartedly made.

The more people have been hurt by others the deeper into sin people sink. We are already doomed when we are born because we are born sinners. However, it is better to instill within our children while they are under our tutelage the way of righteousness rather than to increase the depravity of sin. We don’t realize, none of us that we are all condemned without JESUS.

Many people are quick to say that they believe in GOD. Well, I say big deal or who is your god, because even the devil and his angels believe in GOD. It’s crucial that we certify that the testimony of JESUS causes GOD to be true and by this we know that GOD cannot lie.

We were created by GOD to honor JESUS and in doing this, we will honor the FATHER GOD as well. Not doing this leaves people in a condemned state because it’s believed that the FATHER did not send JESUS here for you or anyone else. JESUS is the ONE who has full authority to judge our life, what we thought in our heart and mind. What we did and didn’t do and what we said, every little word. It’s not enough just to sit in the pew Sunday after Sunday or weekday after weekday. It’s not even enough for you to get your Word via television or radio. Lastly, reading is not enough either if we do not believe JESUS and HIS Word as well as the FATHER who sent HIM so that we will have everlasting life. This is what keeps us from being judged, this is how we pass from death to life.

Anyone who does not receive JESUS hates JESUS. And when you hate JESUS, you hate GOD the FATHER. You deny JESUS, you deny HIS FATHER. You acknowledge JESUS, you acknowledge HIS FATHER.

After reading the above paragraph, I would stop and begin to believe in my heart. What are you going to believe? That JESUS died and on the third day rose again from the dead so that I can be, will be saved. Now confess with your mouth, JESUS is the LORD!

When we confess that JESUS is the SON of the Living GOD, the FATHER lives within us and us within HIM.

This is the truth, Jehovah’s Witness are not true witnesses when they refuse to acknowledge that JESUS is JEHOVAH. We are the true JEHOVAH’s Witness because we believe in the SON of GOD, JESUS. And because of this, we have HIS witness within us and our witness does not make us out to be liars. Our testimony of our DADDY is true, GOD has given us HIS SON.

Jhn. 3:18, 33, & 5:23-24, 15:23, Ro. 10:9, 1 John 2:23, 4:15, & 5:10


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