JESUS – Matthew 4:23

JESUS CHRIST confirmed HIS divine mission by miracles; which were emblems of the healing power of HIS doctrine and the influences of the Holy Spirit which accompanied HIM. HE healed every sickness and disease. None was too difficult for CHRIST to heal with a Word. Three diseases are named; the palsy [paralysis, any neurological disorder that causes tremors of the body parts] which is the greatest weakness of the body. Lunacy [insanity, mental disorder such as depression, schizophrenia, bi-polar, anxiety and such] which is the greatest illness of the mind. And possession of the devil [overtaken by the devil; property of the devil; satan has a legal right to strong hold a person mentally, physically and emotionally] which is the greatest misery of having both sickness and disease. JESUS CHRIST healed all, and by doing so HE showed that HE was and is compassionate and has a will to cure physical; mental and spiritual illnesses. Most people do not understand that they are sick physically; mentally and spiritually. Sin is the sickness, disease, and torment of the soul. CHRIST came to take away sin which is a healing and deliverance for the spirit that causes the spirit to awaken and live. This is called being Born-Again. And to heal the soul; which are our mind will and emotions. Just as JESUS preach the gospel this too is what we are to do; we are to preach the gospel of CHRIST JESUS and not the gospel of ourselves or of the enemy. If we were to preach CHRIST JESUS the body of CHRIST which is the church will become more JESUS conscience than sin or satan conscience. When our flesh begin to have symptoms of a common cold it would be the Word of GOD that we would confess not the fact that our flesh have or is getting a cold. I believe that when our flesh begins to notice that a common cold is trying to overtake it; if we would confess with our mouth that we are healed and that we will not accept the cold or that CHRIST JESUS is larger than a common cold or that a common cold is not too hard for CHRIST JESUS to heal. That the common cold will have to find a more susceptible body to dwell in. Another thing I’ve noticed this year and this was just an experiment for me but when I watch television I mute the commercials that have anything to do with diseases; sicknesses or mental illness. I notice that during the so called cold season I never once got a cold; when my body began to ache I never once thought about that the pain was from something that is being advertised often such as migraine, backache, joint pain, muscle pain and other advertisements that come on. Most people don’t realize that television commercials are a form of subliminal messages. I also believe that if we stop given so much of our time to the daily news that we would not become anxious or depressed. Try to curb your time of either listening; reading or watching the news to once or twice a week. I believe that you will notice a change in your mental health. Take that time you would normally give to news to listening to the Word of GOD; reading your bible or watching a CHRIST centered program on one of the CHRISTian broadcasting channels. What a way to help renew your mind. Remember CHRIST JESUS is larger than anything we can experience.

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