2. Birth of Jesus BV

The action of coming to life. Humans are birthed into a lineage, each birth from that lineage before the one who is born is an ancestor. For example, our parents are our ancestors and further down the lineage line. We are birthed into a condition and produced to enhance for the betterment of our lineage. Women/females are the only creation of GOD that has the ability to birth be they human or animal. All of what I explained has to do with the ability of the flesh. But there is a greater birth that has nothing to do with the flesh and that is when we acknowledge, believe by faith and confess with our mouth who JESUS CHRIST is and that we are sinners in need of HIM that we are regenerated spiritually which is our new birth or being born again.

The greatest birth that ever took place and that will never happen again, is the birth of JESUS. Have any of you, every really took the time to think about HIS conception and birth? For me, it always gives me chills because of the amazement of it all. CHRIST JESUS who is GOD existed before all things, HE has no beginning and HE has no end. CHRIST JESUS is the ALPHA and the OMEGA, HE created all things seen and unseen. Yet, HE left HIS throne to come into the earth that HE created to be born of a virgin. Her conception was not of the flesh at all. And those whose minds refuse to believe and blaspheme this miracle are ignorant of the mind and heart. They are trying to be logical when nothing about CHRIST JESUS is logical.

We don’t like to read the genealogy of JESUS, which is of HIS ancestors, the lineage of which HE is birthed into. However, I suggest that we study this because in HIS genealogy we will find ourselves. We will find that HIS ancestral lineage was dysfunctional as we all are, yet, they were remembered and written for us to give us hope. That if these onetime nutters had a heart change and was used by CHRIST JESUS, what makes us think that we are not able to be used for HIS glory as well? Mary became pregnant through the power of the Holy Spirit. This is why the LORD HIMself calls her blessed. She had never before the birth of JESUS had sexual intercourse with a male. And for those of you who may twist the scripture, let me set it straight to make it clear, she also never had intercourse with a female. Mary was a complete and total virgin. The Holy Spirit came to Mary, those of us who have and acknowledge the presence of the Holy Spirit within us should not find it peculiar that He impregnated Mary without sexual intercourse with her. GOD’s holy power took rest upon her. Those of us who have the Holy Spirit living on the inside of us can’t explain how He got to live within us, we just know by faith and the power in which we are able to operate in that He is alive within us. And because Mary carried this miracle gift given to her, she was informed that she will give birth to the SON of GOD. Mary gave birth to her firstborn Son, stop, wait a minute; so many of us want to keep Mary a virgin. Believing that she remained married to Joseph and that they never had intercourse or that other children were not birthed from their marriage. However, the very word used “firstborn” informs us that there had to be other children birthed from her. Why use the word firstborn if a second, third, fourth and so on did not occur. We are to honor not worship but honor her because she was labeled and she continues to be blessed among all women. It was prophesied about the birth of JESUS as far back to the book of Genesis. Yet, in the book of Isaiah, it is made perfectly clear that a virgin will conceive and birth a Son who will be named IMMANUEL which means GOD is with us. CHRIST JESUS the LORD shared why HE came to earth; before HIS birth in the flesh before HE took on the likeness of mankind; JESUS was appointed by HIS FATHER to be HIS Servant; to bring back HIS people. The FATHER honored JESUS and JESUS acknowledge that all of HIS strength came from HIS FATHER.

Now that I’ve shared with you the wonderful miracle of the birth of JESUS. Let’s take a look at the downside of sin. Begin to understand that without CHRIST JESUS within us that or for that matter when we are not renewing our minds daily in the Word of GOD this is what happens with us. Conception does not happen instantly, conception takes time. Humans and animals are conceived and in due time they are birthed. So is it with the actions we take that are not done on instant impulse. But even then the conception of thought takes place. Here is some example of thoughts being conceived that are sinful before action was taken place.

  • As little children, too young to attend school, we are enticed to obtain something that we have been warned not to eat, go or touch. In our little minds, we think about it to the point that we disobey the warnings given to us.
  • As young children, we are enticed to take things that do not belong to us. We think about it for a time and then the action takes place to take what does not belong to us.
  • As teenagers, we want to try most things that our pals are engaged with. We have a sense that what our pals are doing is wrong and for a while, we don’t indulge or participate in what is told to us that everyone is doing it. Our thoughts are consumed with what we are fearful of doing and before you know it, we have been snared by something we wish we had left alone.
  • As adults, we allow our thoughts to dwell on people we don’t understand so we dislike them. We can’t conjure up thoughts that are positive towards them. We think of ways to shortcut doing what needs to be done accurately only to find ourselves having to do it again.

The examples I provided seem harmless enough but if we were to examine our thoughts and see how they lead to our actions; we will notice that most of our thoughts are not pleasing to GOD. Do you think that a person who tries to commit suicide just rolls up out of the bed one day and think which causes the action to end their life? No, those who commit or try to commit this action gave it plenty of thought. Do you think that anyone that does anything that is displeasing to JESUS just decides to sin? No, we think long and hard about the things we do and say. Our actions were conceived in thought first before the due date of its birth. Remember, every sinful thought that we put into action brings us closer to death because sin is death. Uncleansed, unrighteous, guilty, and wicked people who are sinners without CHRIST JESUS will always think up evil things to do. It is in the DNA to plan trouble and practice deception. So we all need to stop acting so surprised at what we witness and stop saying to one another “What is your problem or why would you do that”? And for those of us who are cleaned in the blood of JESUS, righteous in GOD through CHRIST JESUS, not guilty, but innocent because of CHRIST JESUS; do have the ability to retain their former way of thinking if we do not renew our minds as we are instructed to. No one ever has to teach us to do wrong, we can’t help ourselves we are driven to do wrong. What we do need to be guided towards, instructed in, taught and trained in is to do what is right. CHRISTians must remain in the Word GOD and continue with our relationship with CHRIST JESUS intimately because daily our minds must be renewed. If we decline we will find ourselves thinking the same thoughts and because of what we conceived action will take place and we will wonder how we got to where we took ourselves.

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