JESUS – Matthew 8:10

“Assuredly, I say to you, I have not found such great faith, not even in Israel!

JESUS said that “HE had not found such great faith”. During that time that statement was true; now great faith is found by JESUS. Just look in the mirror at yourself; that is if you are a believer. You used faith to accept and believe in the name of JESUS. It was your great faith that said yes to a man that you have not seen in the flesh with your own eyes; yet, you know that HE is. It was your great faith that showed you deliverance from your torments. It is your great faith that causes you to say that you are healed even when you are in pain. Now faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen. We don’t go by what our natural senses informs us as being so; we go by the Word of GOD which is so. JESUS said that we are the head and not the tail; we are the lender and not the borrower; we are above and not beneath. We may look broke, busted and disgusted but in actuality we are a prosperous people because our soul and health are in right standing of prosperity. To the non-believer; it takes great faith on your part to step up in a healing line for an ailment that you have suffered with many years and have not been made well. And you are delivered from the sickness and disease at the very use of the name in great faith; JESUS. It takes great faith on your part to surrender and ask JESUS to help you; when all you’ve done has gotten you deeper and deeper in trouble and you see no other way out. And what about what many say about money; money is king as people will say. But it’s not all about the money; although money is a good thing to have. After all, what does the book of Ecclesiastes have to say about money? A feast is made for laughter, and wine makes merry; but money answers everything. This is not to say that money is the god above the true and living GOD who is JESUS; it’s just that we don’t reside in heaven as yet physically and JESUS knows that we need money to get along day by day. If you are unemployed and maybe you get a monthly government stippling; you may not have enough to pay your rent, utilities, food, transportation and or medical. GOD knows what we need before we really need it. This is why we go to HIM and ask our provider the LORD GOD to give us what we need to keep the utilities on, to provide enough food for those days that we don’t have even a loaf of bread to extend us to the following month. Ask GOD to deliver us from those aches and pains and or the symptoms that are causing the aches and pains; because we should not even be having them since we are healed and not only healed but made whole. Keep talking though you don’t see it; this helps build your faith. All faith starts out as small as a mustard seed (or like that dot after each sentence). Strengthen your faith by speaking what is so and not what we see or feel. Remember, JESUS is looking for great faith even now. How long will you keep HIM looking? I’m sure HE wants to say the same thing to you as he said to a heathen centurion soldier who understood religion and protocol. This centurion soldier had either heard or seen what JESUS can do for mankind and decided to rely on JESUS to help his beloved servant. Why do you think I referred to the centurion’s servant as beloved? Because why else would a man of great importance be bothered with the fate of a lowly servant? The centurion soldier loved his servant so much that he could not bear to know and see him suffer; so he went to JESUS the healer. But not only that HE realized that he was not worthy of having JESUS come to his house but knew that JESUS could do anything HE wanted to do without having to come face to face with the situation. This is why JESUS expressed such great joy in saying that HE had not found such great faith not even in Israel; among HIS chosen people. I believe it was on this fateful day that the centurion stopped being religious and developed a relationship with the LORD GOD through JESUS the CHRIST. Great faith can turn our situations around and change the course of our destiny. Have you exercised your great faith today?

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