To obey has become a word that seems to be only associated with the training of animals instead of allegiance to the LORD GOD our FATHER or our parents. But if we know our Word it should not come as a shock because we are being warned of this and for those of us who were brought up to obey our parents, grandparents and every single adult regardless of our knowing them or not it really appalls us. I come from a generation that was taught to respect and obey authority (police, firefighters, mail carriers, milk carriers, and such). I was also taught to respect and obey the neighbors of all adult ages, we called any adult out of school Miss, Mrs., and Mr. Children did not talk back to adults and when they did we received the penalty for that quickly on our backsides right where we had the nerve to show out. You know all my life I heard adults say that there was nothing that teaches parents how to raise children properly that with each child you learn as you go. And I believed that when I became a mother until I found some problem resolutions in the bible that helped me. Then when I became a grandmother I gave the entire child and parent resolution to my daughter for her to rely on. Had I found all that I had found, some of the problems I faced which really was not bad I could have handled much better and would have realized that my children were still in obedience mode, I was the one who was tripping.

You see so many of us if we are raising children, grandchildren or have already finished (yea) see that to obey is to be doing something rather than just living the life in which is desired. For example, so many of my siblings are sacrificing their time on many various ministries and forgoing their families, home and most importantly spending time with JESUS. When was the last time you visited a family member that you’ve not seen in a while or had them over to your home? Are you speaking to every family member, is your family life healthy? What was the last thing the Holy Spirit said to you? You see when you are not in a relationship with JESUS it is impossible to please HIM because you are not in connection with HIM spiritually. JESUS does not connect with anyone on an intellectual level. It’s Spirit to spirit and that connection brings about our desire to obey HIM. I don’t want my siblings to pray and they not go anywhere, or they bounce along the walls, ceiling or floor. I want my sibling’s prayers to go directly to the throne room of the FATHER to be answered immediately. I don’t want the eyes of GOD hidden from you. I call you my sibling’s out of faith but if you are not my siblings you can become my siblings because I want this for you but most importantly JESUS wants you. Come and be washed in HIS blood which will clean you from all your sins eternally, forever. Stop doing what is sinful and learn from the LORD JESUS because the moment you receive HIM you are righteous in HIM and you can learn to do good and look for HIS justice.

Our FATHER is the LORD GOD and we are to obey HIM rather than what people have to say. We can’t please people because no matter what we do they will always want more from us, we can never do enough to quench their thirst for their selfish desires. As we grow in the ways of our FATHER GOD there will be things that we either once did or things that we never did that people will try to push us to do. But we must be firm with our no’s and we don’t need to explain why we don’t want to indulge in what it is that everyone is doing. Eventually, someone will see that we are different and will let everyone know that either we are not the same person or that we don’t indulge in that type of stuff but we just like to be in their company from time to time because we like them and they like us.

Every child regardless of their age if they are living in the home should obey their parents. However, all children regardless of your age if your parents are saved, they have a relationship with JESUS you need to obey your parents whether you live in their home or not. If you don’t live in their home any longer, some parents have a tendency to want to try and continue to run things and then some of us will offer suggestions to help our children out with dilemmas. Children, listen because they could be speaking words from the LORD your FATHER which are words of wisdom.

And lastly, I had shared how when I grew up I was taught to obey and respect all those in authority. Well, I’ve not forgotten those treasures passed down to me and I never knew that I would find that in the bible. I was not brought up in a CHRISTian home, I was brought up in a Christian on again off again home but I’m surprised to find that most of what was taught to me actually came from the bible. Do you attend church service on a regular basis, who knows you, do they know when things are not going so very well with you in your personal life or when things are going exceptionally well with you? Are you employed, do you work as you were hired to and as if JESUS is sitting, standing or walking or digging right alongside you? Some of us are not excited with our government but the Word of GOD tells us to pray for them regardless, are we? The police and firefighters put their lives on the line and have families do we consider them or do we just find fault with them at every turn? Most of the people who are in authority of us if only for a few hours do so in grief because they are stressed and feel unappreciated for their efforts. What they do seems unprofitable to them and this is not how it should be. If we the church those of us will begin to obey as our FATHER has instructed us to do in all things and be the example setters than those who are sinners will see the difference but as it goes now no one can barely tell the difference. Let’s begin to obey and let’s obey today.

1 Samuel 15:22; Is. 1:15-17; Acts 5:29, 4:19; Colossians 3:20; Eph. 6:1; Hebrews 13:17


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