JESUS the True vine


Has anyone not interested in plant life that is; every really considered; looking at or have looked at the vines in your community, garden or neighborhood? When I was a wee one growing up in Washington, DC; it was not uncommon to see plush green forest filled with sweet smelling honey suckle vines; in the outskirts of Washington, DC. These forest have been given way to pollution; the building of corporations; highways; homes and malls. Within, Washington, DC; I was accustomed to seeing Ivy scaling the apartment building homes or the columns of what I thought were prominent homes of wealthy people.

There are many vines; plant vines, commuter vines, ancestral vines and such. What every vine have in common is that every vine winds around and clings too. The only way of escaping a vine is to be cut away – detached.

However, JESUS who is our true and ultimate vine. HE is most definitely the ONE and only that we should want to be entangled into; to be supported into and by; to be continually winding and clinging ourselves around and in. Our FATHER is a superb vinedresser. How do we know this? Every branch in Me that does not bear fruit My FATHER takes away; and every branch that bears fruit My FATHER prunes, that it may bear more fruit. When we cut ourselves away from the vine; those are and were the times that we stopped listening and obeying the instructions of the Holy Spirit and got lulled into listening to self and others. Without being legalistic yet living in the complete freedom and joy that we are intended too; we must learn how to disengage from conversations that are meant to be negative about anyone; especially one in the faith. We must learn how to be supportive of others without expecting something in return and making our concerns more prominent than the one who comes to us. Most times because people need people to talk too not necessarily to get answers. This is why it cost $150.00 or more to sit and talk to a mental health counselor for 45 minutes; it’s the cost of false friendship. And all they do is listen and take notes so you may continue from where you left off.

In JESUS; no matter the day of the week; the time of day or night; JESUS always has time for us. JESUS is always waiting for us to come to HIM about everything. Sure it’s ok to talk things out with those in our vine; however, if their are any among you who don’t have a vine outside of JESUS much like myself. Remember, JESUS is the vine, we are the branches. Those who abides in JESUS, and we in HIM, bears much fruit; for without JESUS we can do nothing; Jhn.15:5

John 15:1-2


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