Rewards for keeping GOD’s ways

2 Samuel 22:21-22 

In these scriptures do not think that David had forgotten the sins he had been guilty of. In 2 Samuel 11, David began an adulterous affair with Bathsheba. He got her pregnant, he tried to get Bathsheba’s husband to go home and have sex with his wife as a cover up for that pregnancy. When he refused, David had him killed. He then married Bathsheba and their first child died. Now I maybe making a mistake here but I don’t think that David sinned against GOD in a major way anymore. I’m not saying that David did not sin, but I believe that when he did sin and realized that he sinned; he repented before GOD quickly; he constantly talked with GOD; listened to GOD and desired to do the will of GOD alone. This is why I think David is called a man after GOD’s own heart. Not because he did not sin but because when he did sin; he did not try to hide the fact; he did not make excuses; he simply acknowledged it and asked GOD to forgive him. As a matter of fact now that I think of it; I know that he sinned; remember Amnon and Absalom his sons. David did not deal with Amnon when he raped his sister Tamar nor did he deal with Absalom for killing his brother or for trying to remove his father; his King from off the throne. That is a sin yet I believe that David repented before GOD because his love and his heart would not and could not handle what it was that he knew he should do. I believe that if it were anyone besides his children he would have not had a problem. For some of us parents we are right there too when it comes to our children. We love them so much; we love them right to hell.

David acknowledges that the cleanness of his hands came from the cleansing of GOD’s forgiveness. David knew that nothing could satisfy his soul except the LORD. GOD in turn called David “a man after HIS own heart”. GOD is looking for people who are after HIS heart in other words available to do or say whatever it HE has for you. When we are obedient to GOD HE rewards us on this side of heaven; we don’t have to wait to enter into heaven with HIM to reap HIS rewards.

Here are some guidelines that will help our search for GOD’s heart.

  • A passionate CHRISTian is humble.

CHRISTians do not serve the LORD to look down on other people. You can’t love GOD and be a spiritual snob.

  • A passionate CHRISTian likes to please GOD.

When we face a problem; are we more in tuned with GOD’s pro-action or people’s reaction? To have GOD’s richest blessing; we need to train our heart to want HIS approval first.

  • A passionate CHRISTian likes to spend time with GOD.

Open up our heart to GOD’s Word by reading HIS Word often. Apply the Word of GOD in our walk of faith. Speak the Word of GOD instead of the choice empty conversation we enjoy having.  

That does not mean that every time we are in conversation with others that every word that comes from our lips is a scripture quote. What I’m referring to is confessing that you are healed regardless of how your body feels. When someone calls you something that does not line up with who GOD said that you are; you confess who GOD said you are. We are miserable basically because of the words we speak. Speak words of encouragement to yourself and others and watch how you will begin to change.

Give GOD first priority in your life, place HIM first above all things that are important to you, make HIM your very best friend because HE IS.

1 Samuel 13:14

Proverbs 13:24

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