suffering (1)

Live long enough and the experience of suffering will visit. I wrote visit not move in and take up residency. Who in their right mind wants to be the host or hostess of the following? Bearing with what is disagreeable, distressing, and or painful to not only the body but the mind as well. When we suffer it should be temporary, suffering to me is not something I enjoy but from suffering, we can learn to endure what we are experiencing though we may not like what we are feeling. Get control over what we are suffering from by knowing that GOD has an answer for that which we are going through. It will pass and we will see just how GOD’s faithfulness for us because of HIS Word has sustained us and we will taste HIS goodness as we undergo and witness HIS deliverance.

 1 Peter 3:13-17; Let’s face it when we have decided to take a stand for the sake of righteousness, it will be difficult because our family, associates, friends, co-workers, and schoolmates who are not with CHRIST JESUS will think that we are strange. Especially if they know us well, they will speak about how we used to be or make derogative remarks to try and push us back to being as they knew us to be. We will mature in CHRIST JESUS when we do not give in to their taunts, tricks, and schemes. Even when the pressure of being tempted is upon us do not become afraid and troubled that we are not strong enough to withstand the weak devices that their father satan and his cohorts demons instruct them to use on us. Remember, we are sanctified in our GOD and we are ready to give a defense should we be pushed to the limit or if we are asked with what hope we have. Express that we have anticipation as we wait with expectancy ever watching with confidence as GOD moves on our behalf with HIS gracious promises through CHRIST JESUS. Possess a down-to-earth demure, unassuming and unpretentious rather than operating in arrogance and pride. Our conduct may give them a reason to be ashamed of what they have done against us. We are to remain in the will of GOD rather than to promote our own fleshy will.

1 Peter 5:10; Children of the Living GOD and my heavenly siblings we are still walking this earth and we are the ones called to HIS everlasting glory in CHRIST JESUS. Remember it is not about how long we are to suffer from that dead god and his cohorts and children of hell. But rather it is about how we are becoming perfect, established, and strengthened in GOD our FATHER through CHRIST JESUS that will settle us.

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