Justification by faith

Galatians 2

I wrote to you before sharing that there are some who have and will come in, to distort the gospel. Now let me share with you why it’s so very easy for your faith to be shaken. It’s so very easy to rock your faith because there are far too many Christians who will not read their bibles. They can come up with every excuse possible as to why they don’t have the time to read the precious Word of the LORD GOD. Yet, time is found to do the most unimportant tasks. With today’s technologies there just is no excuse to get the Word into our spirit. We don’t neglect to feed our face with food; so why do we neglect to feed our spirit with the bread of life? If we drive; we have possibly three options to feed our spirit with GOD’s Word.

1)    Turn your radio to a CHRISTian broadcast where there are teaching ministries or the Word of GOD is being read.

2)    If you still have cassette tapes; play your pastor preaching or teaching the Word. You may also still have the bible on tape; play that.

3)    If you have a CD player play your pastor preaching or teaching the Word. Again, you may also have the bible on CD; play that.

Now if you don’t drive; you may have an iPod or some type of device that you put your earphones on. What a wonderful way to listen to the bible. All excuses are gone now; so what are you going to do? You see when you consistently eat the Word of GOD; you will be able to know when someone is distorting the truth of the gospel. Some of us rely totally on what our pastor’s are telling us from the pulpit. But I’m here to let you know that at times we may make a mistake and not be aware of it; that’s just human nature. But what about those pastors who have begun to water down the blood of JESUS so that it is no longer effective. What about those pastors that we have begun to idolize and think that they can do no wrong. Those are the ones who maybe used to pull you down in the pit.What about those leaders who secretly come in to spy out our liberty which we have in CHRIST JESUS? These people may bring us back into bondage if we are not being watchful of danger and communicating with the LORD in prayer. Our FATHER does not have a favorite child in the bunch; HE loves us all equally and whatever JESUS did we can do. Whatever the apostle’s did; we can do. Whatever your pastor can do; we can do. And whatever I can do; you can do.I myself don’t do anything within my own strength or power; I move freely in JESUS. JESUS told me; “Yes, indeed! I tell you that whoever trusts in ME will also do the works I do! Indeed, he will do greater ones, because I am going to the FATHER” (John 14:12 CJB). The gospel is for every soul; not to pick and choose and use how so ever we want to use it. We are to live obedient to the scriptures; the New Covenant that JESUS left for us; we are not to ever be ashamed of our freedom. We are not to be Christians today and of another sect tomorrow for fear of what someone else will think of us. Be free in CHRIST JESUS; we are justified by our faith in CHRIST JESUS. We are not justified by our works of legalism; we are not justified by our works of being judgmental or putting others to shame because they don’t live freely as you may. We all are on various levels and we all are growing up in our faith in CHRIST JESUS; we all are being set free daily by an illumination of HIS Word that never caught our attention before. We are called to love our brothers and sisters in the faith of CHRIST JESUS; they believe and we believe. If there are still some areas where there is still some bondage we are to encourage not tear down and destroy because someone else is not where we are. Judging a person who has not memorized the Ten Commandments is heresy to our KING and the person who stands in need of correction is the one who is trying to put a brother or sister in bondage to the Ten Commandments. The Ten Commandments are the works of the flesh and does not offer any help to perfectly obey them. The Ten Commandments are a work of death and not liberty. The Ten Commandments only has one good quality about them; they show us our desperate need of a Savior. HE has come and HIS name is CHRIST JESUS our LORD. Be justified in the faith of JESUS; die to the law and live in the LORD GOD. Crucify yourself with CHRIST; CHRIST JESUS desires to live in our heart. After all it was JESUS CHRIST who gave HIMself for each of us; do not set aside the grace of GOD. JESUS did not die in vain because righteousness was never found in the law. http://amfbem.me

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