Justification – Romans 5:16

And the gift is not like that which came through the one who sinned. For the judgment which came from one offense resulted in condemnation, but the free gift which came from many offenses resulted in justification.

Ooh wee, do I have some Fantastic news to share with you on this Fantastic Friday. The past tense of justice is justification; this is an attribute that we all have once we have accepted JESUS as our personal Savior. To have JESUS enter the court room on our behalf and to make HIS case for us. HE is far better than Perry Mason, Matlock or Johnny Cochran. JESUS has never lost a case nor will HE ever; it’s simply impossible for HIM to lose once one comes to HIM and ask for HIS help. Once you realize that you have a death sentence over your head; that you are a dead male /female walking; you turn to JESUS your one and only hope. Look, I suggest that you check out HIS record in the Book of Life what we call the Bible. Speak with people who have been justified by HIM. The law says two or three witnesses are enough but when you have thousands, millions even that’s more than enough. I’ll be your first witness; I received a rotten gift from my natural father Adam. HE sinned and because of his stupidity; I was formed and shaped in iniquity. I was guilty the moment I took my first breath on my own. Can you imagine being born condemned; born with a death sentence on your head and you don’t even know where you are or who you are? What rotten luck. (Living Under Corrupt / Carnell Knowledge) Later in my sin filled life I accepted a gift from one who promised to make me free; HIS name is JESUS; HE said that I will have eternal life with HIM; HE will justify me from all unrighteousness. Now, I’m no longer a sinner but am righteous; no longer am I guilty; no longer am I condemned; no longer am I sentenced to death and so much more. JESUS is my GOD and my ABBA-DADDY. Now I am Blessed! I am no longer under the luck of life because everywhere I look in the Bible; I’m told that I’m blessed. Blessed going in and blessed going out. Whatever I place my hands on is blessed. Wherever I go, I’m blessed. I speak blessing over my life and the lives of others. I no longer depend on the luck of the draw for my life. Gone are the zodiacs/horoscopes; lotto; gambling of any type; superstitions of all types. I’m free and justification in CHRIST JESUS has made me this way. So if you have issue with this; don’t come after me; see JESUS, HE did it for me! And HE will do the same for you if you ask HIM to. Oh, by the way, there are no such things as appeals once JESUS goes before the JUDGE on our behalf. Nor is there parole or probation for a certain length of time. Free is free in CHRIST JESUS!!

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