How many of us can relate to being sometimes burdened with an unreasonable imposition? Everyone can I bet. Now, how many of us can relate to being constantly overburdened with an unreasonable imposition which overpowers that brings about depression? More people than we realize including born again CHRISTians. Depression which is a form of sadness can happen to anyone and it’s okay as long as we snap out of it quickly because it can be brought on by unsuspected and critical circumstances. But there are those of us who like me at one time have a spirit of oppression living within them and don’t know it and believe that depression is the only thing that is causing their problem. When a person has a spirit of oppression living within, they are miserable and don’t know why and they can’t explain why they are in such inner turmoil of the mind and heart. Oppressed people constantly live in a state of tiredness, always wanting, and feelings of injustice. Oppressed people always see themselves as being misfortunate, they never or rarely win anything so they have a dullness for joy and frivolity due to the heaviness that is consistent with them. But those moments of happiness that are expressed are never taken for granted because they will be short before returning back to the depressive state and faking happiness in front of family and others. 


JESUS knew that oppression had to be dealt with and this is why HE conquered oppression for us. JESUS HIMself had to deal with oppression by man. Oppression does not come on us all at once, it begins with accusations from people and we fight those accusations to no avail. And over the years, those accusations which people have hurled at us begin to take root and while we are near people and we watch them speak, we imagine that they are speaking about us. Or in our alone time, in our mind, the recorder which is in our mind is turned on and begins to play back all the hurtful words that we have heard time and time again. To the point, we begin to believe what we hear in our minds though a war has begun within trying to tell us that it’s not so but the recorder in our mind is louder and winning. The war that so many of us don’t understand is that the voice that we can barely hear is the Holy Spirit fighting for us. But because we are not familiar with Him or the Word of GOD we are not receptive to His voice. We recognize that we are in a battle but we don’t know how to win the war. And just as JESUS took on the affliction brought on by men for us so that HE could understand the affliction that we would be going through. HE delivered us from that also. Oppression causes the person to suffer pain and depending on how long this curse is on the person it affects the following. It begins in the emotions, then spreads out into the mind, then the body, the joints and then the organs.

Now JESUS never spoke an evil word against HIS accusers, HE kept silent towards them, HIS mouth remained closed. HE did not give them what they wanted and this is a lesson that we have to give our accusers as well, now me I have added laughter to it. If I actually hear people accusing me of anything, I simply smile or laugh at them because I know that it’s actually not the person doing the talking but the spirit within them doing the work which is evil. Or maybe an evil spirit is standing near the person just speaking and that person is listening not knowing that a demon is standing beside them.


Oppression is a very heavy spirit and anyone who has that spirit living on the inside of him/her should want that evil spirit evicted from their life. But understand you can’t get rid of oppression without getting rid of depression also. And the two would not be there if we did not have some anger, pain and or unforgiveness that is unresolved deep within our heart. So we must go to the FATHER and ask HIM to search our heart and bring up everything that is keeping us (you) from having a more intimate relationship with HIM. Let the FATHER know that HE can take ownership of it, that we (you) want HIM to have it, to take it out of you now and to replace all that is dark and evil. Most of all, let the FATHER know that you forgive everyone that has angered and caused you pain. Then ask the FATHER  for HIS Holy Spirit in place of that depressive and oppressive spirit ask to experience the fruit of the spirit which is found in Gal. 5:22-23 so that you can experience lightness. Ask those things in JESUS name by faith and trust HIM to give that gift to you but don’t mess around, be diligent and bold about it, go after that as you would anything else you want earnestly. Freedom from oppression and pills that never worked is incredible and no one could have given me the kind of freedom and joy that I’m experiencing and living through this love other that CHRIST JESUS.  

Isaiah 53:7; Mt. 26:63, 27:12; Acts 10:38


**Note – these photo’s are examples of what depression and oppression can feel like on the body, weighed down by shackles.

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