I’m certain when you think of kingdom, you think of palaces, kings, queens, princes, princesses, guard’s, the pomp and such. And though there are a lot of royal kingdoms in the world as American we tend to focus on the British Empire. We are fascinated with them and we really took notice of them when Prince Charles took for his bride Lady Diana Spencer and she became HRH Princes Diana. We simply loved this woman and quite frankly she is missed among the Americans as well. But there are two kingdoms that are spiritual one is hellish ruled by satan and his court is the fallen angels known as demons. Their job is to keep every soul born each and every day ignorant from the truth of JESUS. And to bring the CHRISTian back by any means necessary. The other kingdom is heavenly and is ruled by JESUS. HIS job is finished, it’s up to us individually to believe in HIM or not.

Repent! Change your mind, decide that you no longer want to be a sinner. Decide and believe that JESUS is the LORD. Believe that JESUS came to set you free. Believe that JESUS died just for you. Believe that JESUS rose from the dead and is sitting on the right hand of HIS FATHER and praying for you. JESUS will change your inner self-beginning with your heart and wake up your spirit. JESUS will begin to change your old way of thinking, this is done by us reading HIS Word, it’s called the renewing of our mind. We will begin to regret our past life and we will begin to want to live a new and improved life by turning away, turning our backs from what we used to do, doing the opposite of wrong. We will begin to want to do what is right in GOD’s eyes. We will begin to understand that the kingdom of GOD is at hand within us.

Sometimes when we read scriptures of JESUS having conversations with people or the text may say HE was moved with compassion or because of their great faith. We may wash over the context when we actually should stay right there and really ponder this for a while because this is the main course of a meal. For instance, the Assistant, Secretary, Note-taker, Scribe was having a conversation with JESUS. JESUS stated what HE said and the individual heard JESUS with his heart, not his mind and by faith was in full agreement. When he replied to JESUS by parroting what JESUS had said it was spoken from a heart of complete faith. And this is why JESUS knew that this person was closer to the kingdom of GOD than before. If he continued to hear JESUS speak whenever possible this person would no longer be devoted to the belief system of which he was a professional Scribe to but his total heart would belong to the kingdom of GOD.

I knew for sure that I was walking in the halls of the kingdom when I actually began to put action to my words of love. Oh, you know what I’m speaking of. We are so very quick to say the words I love you in Christendom but some of us really don’t mean that. When I stopped focusing on myself and began to focus on the care of others. Making sure that I was not doing or saying anything that would cause my siblings in faith to trip and fall. This is when it dawned on me that I was walking in love and from there it began to bloom and blossom with never a withering petal. I’m always aware that just like we are mature in nature at various levels and we have our likes and dislikes it is the very same spiritually, we are mature at various levels and we have our likes and dislikes. So, I must be aware not to be offensive and cause my siblings to trip and fall because we don’t agree. If I am hosting anything, I am to make my family comfortable or if we are just on an outing I am to know what would be offensive or not. So just what does this include? Food, clothes, outings (places of entertainment), beverages and music just to name a few or maybe I’ve covered them all, I don’t know. Don’t be so easily offended, we all must grow in our faith in CHRIST JESUS and walk through the kingdom at our own pace. It’s important to love each other to life and be an encouragement. In this, we are showing that we are residents of the kingdom.   

Matthew 3:2, Mark 12:32-34, Romans 14:13-17


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