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July 29, 2020


The Holy Spirit helps us to speak with boldness-Acts 4:31

Once we have prayed to ask the FATHER for HIS Holy Spirit in the name of JESUS, never think that because the place where you are is not shaking that the Holy Spirit has not been given to you. When my Godmother and I attended a conference back in the eighties the Pastor taught about JESUS and HIS Holy Spirit. After the teaching had come to a close, the question which was asked of the congregation was whether or not anyone that has not been baptized in the Holy Ghost would like to have Him. First, anyone who had not believed in JESUS before coming to the conference if or when their hearts became pricked the receipt of their salvation came first and then for the remainder of us in the congregation that was already believers in CHRIST JESUS yet not baptized in the Holy Ghost. We came down and by asking in prayer collectively and there were far more souls in the place than in the upper room during Pentecost, our location did not quack. However,  many if not all of the people were filled with the Holy Ghost that very night. And, in that very night all of our lives changed, there was a boldness that showed up within us, many of us received our heavenly language in which we began to speak in unknown languages that we have never studied and possibly never heard any person speak. Unknown tongues do not mean that the language is unknown because somewhere in this big world the language is spoken natively. For instance, we may speak Chinese but have never studied the language, yet, through the Holy Spirit in our speaking to GOD, or are being used by GOD speak that language fluently. Being filled with the Holy Spirit is simply awesome and incredible. If we listen to HIs voice and follow His guidance we will not fall. Because of His dependence on CHRIST JESUS, we can be dependant on Him.

Those of us who want to be a servant of the Living GOD and yet are not filled with the Holy Spirit are intimidated by the good things they would love to do in the lives of others. But those of us who are a servant of the Living GOD and filled with the Holy Spirit, we do not sit on our hands wanting to do or say something to others. With the help of the Holy Spirit, we get things done. I in my natural state hate speaking to large groups of people, for me three is a crowd, a mega audience. I have been classically taught and trained in public speaking and yet, I still hate speaking to more than three people at a time. When I used to travel within the United States, for speaking engagements I was thrilled to go and be a servant for GOD, to share CHRIST JESUS with the audience. That thrill came from the Holy Spirit, not in my ability to speak to a large group of people. And, because I found speaking to be increasingly tiresome for me, I began to accept fewer and fewer invites until now it is by GOD that I am invited at one event to speak during a current year. And, my not speaking has given me great joy. Because my FATHER did not want me to serve HIM without excitement but with passion. So, the answer to my prayer came in the form of the apostle Paul who was not only a prisoner in the LORD but in chains/an inmate at prison throughout most of his entire ministry. I knew that what GOD did for Paul he will also do with me. So, I revamped the ministry that GOD gave to me and while still depending on HIM and HIS Holy Ghost, this ministry is reaching people that I may or may not have reached had I remained faithful to travel from here to there and my being miserable not in the traveling but in the fact that I had to stand up before people and speak. It made no difference to me that my studying, praying, listening, and being empowered to deliver with boldness had become evident within me.

For me, I speak with boldness and no fear, nervousness, or intimidation with one, two, or three people at a time and it is fun for me. I write with boldness and these news articles according to the data I receive is going around the globe. HALLELUJAH, I cannot and will not praise myself for my abilities because it has nothing to do with me because this is all JESUS. I declare the message of the LORD with confidence in JESUS and HIS Holy Spirit. And though I never spoke to an audience based on my abilities from what I learned in public speaking though they were useful. I based then and I base now in the empowerment given to me by the Holy Ghost to speak and to write with boldness, freely and courageously.


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