People come and go in our lives all the time and it’s a painful thing to happen. I will not breakdown the various relationships because you are intelligent and know for yourself. You yourself may have left someone or people and devastated their lives soulfully because your own soul is devastated, it’s a vicious cycle. I like an old song by the Temptations “Poppa Was A Rollin` Stone”, but the meaning of the song is that a man made a family and he deserted his family and he sleeps around, so wherever he hangs his hat it’s his home. And the anger that his children felt for him was so intense that they were glad that he died so that he could just leave them alone. No more chance visits, no more lies, no more leaving. Every day we live, work, and socialize with people who have been left alone, forsaken by others and we never consider that they are in pain because we never deal with our own pain of being left alone and forsaken. When people walk away from us especially when we are young it destroys our emotions, our self-worth and without someone to build us up, we will remain damaged goods.

Regardless of who you are, what you are doing, or what color skin you are in, JESUS will not leave you once you come to HIM. The moment you open up your heart to HIM and allow HIM to come into it, HE will begin to minister to you and love you as you have never been loved before. You will be able to speak with HIM and actually hear HIM speak back to you. JESUS will not desert you, give up on you because of the million mistakes we are going to make as we mature in our CHRISTian walk with HIM. HE will not judge us, condemn us, or tell us in our thoughts that we are not good enough. JESUS is our support system, the support system that HE has offered to us is HIS Holy Spirit, HE told us that HE would not leave us comfortless. So just as we asked JESUS into our hearts and believed in HIM we must also ask for HIS Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit will come as promised and begin to provide us with His power and strength. The Holy Spirit will teach us only about JESUS and give us wisdom for day to day living. We will no longer be considered a rejection and we are no longer be abandon because JESUS is with us. Stop placing all your hope in people because people will always let us down, however, JESUS will never let us down. JESUS will never release HIS grip on us. And don’t you release your hold on HIM either.  

Hebrews 13:5



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