Stop allowing fear to ruin your life


Do not allow what people think or say to arouse discouragement, and fear within you. Calm yourself and be encouraged by GOD’s Word.

People want to see other people defeated because they themselves view themselves as being defeated. People hurt, abuse and attack at us when we tell or show them what we will like to accomplish. This is why it is important that we hear from the Holy Spirit who we are to connect with because those are the people who will be able to visualize the accomplishments before it is begun.

Nehemiah 4:2-4 When people attack it is a plot to throw us into confusion and off our course. This is why it is very important to have a relationship with our FATHER and listen to the instructions that HE will provide to us through HIS Holy Spirit which resides within us. When performing a task we may not witness how people will come and steal from us the things we require to accomplish our goals. We may not hear the whispers that are being said about us which are not in our favor. It is these things and many others that people who are operating from ignorance and jealousy will do just to see that others will not get ahead. But never allow anyone to see you sweat, those that are working with you will stand with you in prayer and our mission is not to ask that harm will come to those who oppose us but to forgive them and ask that they will cease in their efforts to destroy that which is to be done in the aid of helping others. Helping others can include but is not limited to sharing the beauty of the skills we have in providing beauty through art of all types, in feeding those who miss meals, in clothing those who have lack of clothing to help out with health care and so on.


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