Salvation-Psalms 3:8

In my salvation I have come to know how to live and how to die. What do I mean by this? That throughout the many years of my being saved by grace that it has been the LORD GOD alone who has taught me how to live victoriously through HIS SON CHRIST JESUS. It has been through HIS Word that I have discovered how to live as an Overcomer and Victoriously. I have learned to walk out my salvation day by day by leaning on what I know and understand that the LORD GOD has told me. Such as; my being fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of GOD who is Spirit. That I am healed regardless of the pains that my flesh is experiencing. That I must take my eyes off of the circumstances around me and look to the LORD GOD from which comes my help. I’ve learned to die a daily death which means that my flesh has cravings and I must deny it. I owe my flesh food that will give me the strength I need. I owe my flesh clothes so I don’t scare anyone with my nakedness. I owe my flesh a clean hygiene because that stench that comes from our flesh is sin and death. I owe my flesh the best possible standard of health so that I don’t die a premature death. But I don’t owe my flesh the activity to allow it to sin against the LORD GOD. I’m ready to die an earthly death but I’m not ready to die today. What am I saying? If a stray bullet finds me and it’s fatal to my being; I know that I will be resurrected to be with the LORD GOD. I don’t want to die because there are so many people that I’ve not reached about the Grace of my LORD and SAVIOR. I don’t want to die today because I want to witness my grandson’s salvation as well as my dad’s and other family members. Not only has my GOD saved me from sin and myself; HE also saves me from the dangers that this world offers. Who are my enemies; who cares. I have a GOD that will save me from my enemies. I have the LORD GOD and the LORD GOD has me; this is why I’m sure of my salvation. The LORD GOD is my GOD in all things; HE is above all.

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