Liberty 2 of 2


As we pick up where we left off from the previous, I will like to witness a person who is brain and lung dead raised from the dead. But more importantly I want to see the spirit of a man raised from the dead, I want to see mankind snatched from the pit of hell. Until we make a willing choice to believe in JESUS and receive HIM for ourselves from our own heart and confess JESUS from our mouth that HE alone is our LORD. We will remain prisoners of hell and satan will remain our father and the warden and his demons will remain our jailors to torment us. And the eternal reward will be hell and the lake of fire.

The Holy Spirit is the Lord and wherever He is liberty is there also. From the dust of the ground, a man came to be animated by the breath of GOD but JESUS who disguised HIMself to look like HIS creation Adam, because our flesh comes from the dust of the ground, if we are not aware of that fact it is true. JESUS did not come to breathe into our nostrils as HE did when HE molded and fashioned ADAM in Eden. No, this time HE will breathe the life of liberty from HIS Holy Spirit within us. So when your family and others come against you and they will, you just be rigid, remain unyielding in your position of the liberty that you have obtained from CHRIST JESUS with HIS Holy Spirit who lives on the inside of you. Don’t ever allow anyone to entice you to go back to the place where you’ve been because you just may stay longer than you expected. And then you will begin to get all caught up in your emotions because you will be listening to the devil mouthing off at you about your fall. But we all slip- up and fall and some of us willingly walk into trouble or run into trouble but we all must learn in this spiritual walk. The thing is we can’t sit or lay in the pig sty with the hogs, we must get up, wash off and move forward. Not to live another day but to live another minute. We are no longer in bondage and the sooner we come to realize this the faster and easier it will be for us to live and walk in our liberty. I am not the only one who have been called to liberty, the old folks are not the only ones and neither have anyone else you deem to be better than you. We all have been called to liberty if we belong to JESUS CHRIST, not any higher power or any other so-called deity that you want to call your god. HIS name is JESUS say that because if you are ashamed of HIM, HE is ashamed of you. And if you are in service to help others do so in the name of JESUS and give to HIM, HIS proper glory.    

 2 Corinthians 3:17, 1 Cor. 15:45, Gal. 5:1, 13


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