Humans Bring Destruction To Themselves

Psalm 2:12

Worship JESUS in and with an adoring embrace. Address and honor JESUS as being The Divine possessing great love and reverence for HIM.

Embrace JESUS by taking hold of HIM. Enfold your arms about HIM pressing HIM close to us as we do with any person that we hug. But do not hug HIM as we do religiously and respectively, you know with our lower extremities separated from touching the other person. No, hug JESUS in the manner that we hug our parents, grandparents, spouse, child/children with sincere affection that we feel for them. Be eager to want to throw your arms around HIM. And likewise, feel JESUS hugging you back with all the affection that HE has toward you.

The reason why so many people neglect embracing JESUS is that they think of HIM as being far away. But HE is not, JESUS is closer to us than our breath. But we will never realize this if we do not develop an intimate relationship with HIM for ourselves. It is impossible to be intimate with anyone through second and third-hand knowledge. Intimacy requires that we get up close and personal, that we spend quality time in the presence of whom we want to know, speaking, sharing/questioning, and responding, looking, watching, hearing, listening, and such. We cannot know a person through distance, and it is the very same with JESUS, we cannot get to know HIM distantly.

Being in the presence of JESUS should cause some trembling in the belly, you know what we call butterflies when we are in the presence of someone we are pursuing romantically or in a committed relationship with already. For instance, the man that I am in a relationship with the one that I am committed to has been giving me butterflies in my belly since the day I first laid eyes on him over forty years ago.

We should come to JESUS in awe, meaning that we must admire and reverence HIM. Because JESUS is someone great and terrific.

Our lives are in danger when we neglect JESUS. To not believe in HIM, to not have faith in HIM, to not trust in HIM, to not rely on HIM, is utter destruction that we have invited onto ourselves. When the person who dies not believing in CHRIST JESUS they perish into the abyss of death and hell, the lake of fire. The greatest sin is to not believe in The MESSIAH CHRIST JESUS. All your hopes will be in vain without HIM. Do you not know that the LORD GOD knows the righteous and the way of those who are ungodly will perish, [Ps. 1:6]?

There is only one way to pure and true happiness and that way is through CHRIST JESUS, [Jhn. 14:6].

One of our most ignorant mistakes in life is that we refuse to take notice of our warnings right away. Or we take no care in the warnings that have been spoken or written to and for us. For example, I have seen people at the gas/petrol pump smoking when clearly there are signs posted everywhere not to do so. Why are these warning signs posted for our safety? They are there to prevent fires, to prevent harm, and to prevent death. When it is written in the scriptures to take heed it is not there for dramatic results. This is our warning that we are to have care, to take notice, to be cautious, to watch for danger, to take notice of anything that goes against the knowledge of GOD, and to be circumspective/taking view of the correct course of action/conduct as we avoid dangers. When we fail to take heed about our faith towards JESUS we will be cut off from the FATHER. And it matters not how many wonderful words are spoken or written about us at funerals/memorial services when GOD knows that inwardly of the heart, HE was not a resident there. In other words, HE knew you not, [Matt. 7:23].

Today, this very second, minute, hour, and day is a great day to run to the FATHER through HIS SON JESUS. Believe me, you will not regret your decision. This is a sound investment for your present and future.

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