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July 30, 2020


The Holy Spirit is a witness-Acts 5:32; Hebrews 10:15-18; 1 Peter 1:12

CHRIST JESUS has been exalted to the right hand of the FATHER Most High on high to be our Prince and Savior. HE alone gives to us repentance and forgiveness from sins. Every born-again believer in CHRIST JESUS believes this, knows this, and if need be will die never to deny this because we are true witnesses of this fact. But we are not alone in this, the Holy Spirit also is a witness of CHRIST JESUS. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth who will confirm everything about CHRIST JESUS. And we are to do the same, we must be the ones that people will see with confirming evidence. It is not the position of the Holy Spirit to place any type of burdens on anyone and neither should we. GOD’s most Holy Spirit confirms and touches our spirit as to who we are in HIM through CHRIST. Without any questions, we know who the Holy Spirit is and we know who we are. Besides the Holy Spirit and our testimony of who CHRIST JESUS is and what HE has done in our lives so far, there is the evidence which has been carried out by JESUS granting only HIS believers these validating gifts of miracles, signs, and wonders only as the Holy Spirit sees fit. Some continuously argue and question speaking in other languages which are recorded in the Bible as tongues. But various languages exist among mankind and there is truly a heavenly language that is possibly not used among the brethren as often as we should. However, the languages that we speak though we speak them in the power of the Holy Ghost are languages that are spoken throughout the globe in various countries and nations and can fluently be spoken by any believer who may have never heard German, or Lebanese or French and any other language not taught to them. Even when we do hear unfamiliar languages they sound like babblings to us and it is no different when we speak languages unknown to us and heard by those who hear us and are unable to understand what we are saying. This is why we should not just speak in our heavenly language unless we can either translate accurately what GOD desires for us to say to an individual and with guarantee, the hearer will be able to confirm whatever we say to them. Or, there are times when we will be prompted to speak to someone who does not speak in our own native earthly tongue/language and GOD will use us to witness to people in their earthly language/tongue and they may come to CHRIST JESUS. I know that this has happened to me only once. Would not it be a wonderful sight to see if when we speak testifying that when anyone and I do mean anyone believes in the name of JESUS, accepting HIS gift of salvation, and relying on HIM through their trust will be forgiven of every type of sin? Then also to witness the Holy Spirit come and fill them up and spilling over because of His abundance?

There once was an old covenant which has been broken over many times by us all that is no longer in existence. But many of us do not know this because the old covenant is in some of our local assemblies still be taught and pushed on to the congregants knowing full well that the old cannot be obeyed without the help of the Holy Ghost. So what happens to people who love GOD yet are made to feel inadequate because they cannot follow every dot and tittle of that old covenant? They walk away not knowing that the old covenant does not bring us into the life of freedom in CHRIST JESUS because when we make a mistake or willfully sin because we want to do a thing just for the heck of it, then we are plagued by guilt. But here is the new decree that the LORD GOD HIMself has given to every believer in CHRIST JESUS: The days are coming [actually, they have already come] when I [GOD] will make a new covenant, it will not be a repeat of the covenant which was given to our ancestors when I [GOD] took them by the hand and led them out of Egypt. That covenant was broken by their sinful adultery when I AM, was a faithful Husband to them all. MY brand new covenant, MY decree is this, says the LORD GOD Most High: I [GOD] will write MY laws within you and write them on your hearts, I [GOD] will be your GOD and you will be MY people. There will no longer be a need for any of you to go from school to school to gain knowledge about ME. You will know ME first-hand [intimately and personally] from the least of you to the greatest of you, your position in life means absolutely nothing to ME, you’re having great intelligence or as dumb as a box of rocks means absolutely nothing to ME either. I AM the ONE who forgives your wickedness, I AM the ONE who will no longer remember your sin. This is what the LORD GOD has said and this is HIS covenant and decree to us all if we choose to believe HIM. *Please, let me make this very plain, how I wrote the above covenant is not found in any translation of the Bible, I wrote the decree in easy [I hope] to understand the everyday language in the hope that you the reader will get the full understanding. If you want to read the actual wording go to Jeremiah 31:31-34 and Hebrew 8:10-13 [Complete Jewish Translation and or your favorite translation of your Bible].

GOD’s prophets of old prophesied of GOD’s grace, HIS divine blessings which are now at our disposal. The salvation that they often spoke about was not meant for the time in which they were living, meaning that salvation only came after the death of JESUS not before. It is through HIS death that the new covenant, the new decree became the legal declaration of what the FATHER desires for us to have, we know it better as a will [last will and testament] of someone. These prophets of old continuously looked trying to find out about this salvation that they needed and the sufferings of the CHRIST which had been revealed to them as well as HIS glories which were to follow. I am certain that when the Holy Spirit revealed to the prophets of old that they would not see what they so earnestly looked for happening in their lifetime, caused them to feel sorrow. However, I am certain also, that after the Holy Spirit revealed that to them that they received hope when the Holy Spirit revealed to them that these things are to happen after they have gone to sleep then released by JESUS from the bosom of Abraham which is located in hell. All that our dear brothers the prophets of old were taught to them by and in the Holy Ghost is intended for all of us today, for those who lived during the time JESUS walked this earth to the present and future until HE returns to gather HIS bride. Those of us who have been anointed to preach the Gospel/Good News of CHRIST JESUS must make it plain in the sight and hearing to everyone that we are trying to reach. Stop making following CHRIST JESUS difficult and spooky, too difficult to attain. CHRIST JESUS is approachable but it is people who make HIM unapproachable with all their nonsense. The Holy Spirit helps us to bring to the people the easiness of coming to CHRIST and growing up in HIM. Even the heavenly angels keep looking at why people are such a big deal to the FATHER and as to why the FATHER through CHRIST JESUS is not a big deal to us. And just so you will have a perfect understanding of those who were anointed to prophesy those things which were to come then, has now either come or is coming and can be found in the recording in GOD’s Word so that we would not be unaware by being told of them by the speaking of the Holy Spirit from GOD. Today, those who proclaim to be prophets of GOD have nothing new to share with us, they are only speaking what has already been recorded for us to search out in the scriptures ourselves. At any time anyone speaks to us about anything that has something to do with us directly it is not prophetic but a word of knowledge which can be confirmed by us because the Holy Spirit has already told us Himself.


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