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How can life be explained without there ever being room for error? Simple, by going to the One who created life in the first place and had life recorded for our knowledge because HE knew that we would question as to where life came from. I know some people would like to believe that animals were created first and had dominion and that man derived from an Ape. But that is a lie from the pit of hell and there simply is no truth to be found there. Now, for those that desire to want to continue with keeping that knowledge of believing that mankind sprang forth from the Apes that’s fine for you and your lineage. The rest of mankind we will believe that JESUS created us first and gave us life.

I was in my twenties and I remember the first time it got into my spirit that man came from the dust of the ground and how GOD breathed up into his nostrils the breath of life so that he could become a living soul. I said to myself first that we are walking dirt people, this is why it is said at funeral ashes to ashes and dust to dust, now I get it. It makes sense to me now. So why do people pay so much money for expensive boxes to place a corpse in when the body will do what it is commanded to do in the first place and that is to return back to dust/dirt? This is just how my brain operates. Then I noticed another thing that the LORD GOD actually only created one man and from that man made a woman. Hopefully, you will catch that. But the Spirit of the Living GOD is the One who fashions man and it was the Almighty GOD who gave to him life.

The blood of man is important because without it there is no life. This is why we donate blood, it’s important that we know our blood type, and the most critical blood of all is the blood of CHRIST JESUS. Before mankind would kill chosen animals to spill blood to ask for the forgiveness of their sins and this had to be done repeatedly. But the blood of JESUS is perfect and the once spilled and emptied blood of the Savior will cleanse anyone who will choose to believe in and on HIM. HIS blood gave us a far greater contract/testament than that of old. We know it as the Old Testament which is filled with judgments and laws and rules that none of us are able to keep. Trying to live by that old contract means that we must adhere to the exact same guidelines as they did before without missing a beat. And who today can honestly say that they can and have done this? If you confess that you have, I’m writing that you are a liar because no one back then was able to keep any of them and those that did the LORD GOD took them because they were perfect. We need to stop saying that GOD took our loved ones because according to those that were taken by GOD no one fits the qualifications that those that were taken did. Unfortunately, our loved ones died, case close. Now, in the contract that JESUS shed HIS blood for it’s not filled with many don’t but a lot of dos. And there is only one commandment that HE requires of us and that is to love.

Many of us are afflicted from time to time it comes with being an earthly being. However, how we deal with our afflictions is based on who lives on the inside of us. When we are afflicted because we are not religious or traditional but in a relationship with our heavenly FATHER through CHRIST JESUS. We should experience comfort because not only is the Word within us but because the Word is speaking with us. You see there are times when just being able to spit out a scripture won’t cut it and you may not be able to pray for yourself. And you will need your DADDY if you don’t know HIM as that where will you run for comfort?

Just like anything that we desire to have, we must purposefully go after that. And so I purposefully go after Wisdom daily by reading a Proverb according to that day of the week. There are 31 days in some months and there are 31 Proverbs which means every Proverb may not be read each month according to the way I desire to read them. Wisdom according to the book of Proverbs is often referred to as feminine but Wisdom is actually JESUS. I don’t know why this was written like this but I sure will be asking that question when I get home. Now, I know that it’s a waste of my time to get Wisdom if I don’t understand what Wisdom is telling me, so I ask that Understanding sidles up alongside Wisdom because I now comprehend that the spirit of Understanding is nearest to me in kinship. With that being explained it is easy for me to be excellent in the knowledge that I have all because of Wisdom. Because it is Wisdom that has given me life. The one who operates in Wisdom can actually stop wars without the use of weaponry because Wisdom is better than weapons.

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