Life 2 of 2


Life 2 of 2

Which one of us has not that is if we don’t have an abundance of money has not said within themselves or aloud that they wish they had or that they needed more money? Let’s be honest any of us who does not have an abundance of money has said this but my real question is, why did we say this? Was it because we wanted to better our life, the life of our family, or to have possessions? We really need to examine our motives and examine how we handle what money we do have. And the reason why I’m writing about money is because money is an important part of our life system. We do need money to survive a healthy lifestyle and it can provide us with a comfortable lifestyle as well. Every one of us needs water, food, clothes and shelter those are requirements for anyone. Now we get into the wants jewelry, transportations the size of shelter, the type of clothes, the kind of food, where to vacation, and playtime. It’s the wants that can destroy us.

When we begin to have strong desires for a supposedly good possession it usually becomes a bad sense which is called covetousness. Most of us are living our life trying to keep up with the Jones whoever they are instead of living life comfortably within and stress-free. We are not guarding ourselves properly and greed unwarily has taken over. Notice what we do when we receive our tax refunds, the first thing we do is go and spend the money unwisely instead of paying off debts or making wise investments towards our future or our children future. We find ourselves in a never- ending cycle of life and death, to us we feel life when we have a temporary abundance and then we feel like death when we feel as though we are going under.

It was the will of the FATHER to send JESUS that we all see HIM but we are looking at possessions, what we can have. Things cannot give us life and things do not make our life any better than what they are. For a moment in time we obtain happiness with what we have but then it loses it luster and we begin to seek out the next thing to give our life meaning. When we see JESUS and believe in HIM we will have everlasting life and we will be filled with and inner joy, not happiness based on our circumstances. Not only will we be raised when JESUS return but we are raised when we come to HIM, our spirit comes alive once we believe in HIM from the heart. Believe in JESUS, HE is our only resurrector and there is no other way humans are able to truly live than through HIM and after we die an earthly death we will live again. Just as the Man JESUS the CHRIST died on the cross the CHRIST JESUS rose from the dead, this is how we know that we too will live after we too have fallen asleep.

Our life outside of CHRIST JESUS our life is a mere shell of an existence. True life does not begin until we crucify ourselves alongside  JESUS and allow CHRIST to live within us. To no longer desire the life of the world but to desire the life while yet in the flesh that CHRIST JESUS offers.

Literally, we still have breath in our mortal bodies but morally we have taken a stand, we have chosen to turn our backs on sin. We have turned our hearts toward the CHRIST and our spirit is born alive, life has begun for us and we are now hidden with CHRIST inside of GOD literally.

We need to cease and desist doing anything in our very own efforts. We must begin our training which consists of rest and rests consist of relying on the divine power of CHRIST JESUS that has been given to us. It entails life and godliness through the knowledge of JESUS and how do we obtain this knowledge? By speaking with HIM and the FATHER this is called forming a relationship and studying HIS Word and asking to be filled with HIS Holy Spirit so that we may have HIS Wisdom and Understanding.

No matter who or what you may believe in or what you consider faith. If you do not have JESUS in your heart you are dead and there is no life in you, your heart and your spirit is dead point blank case closed. We must have the SON of GOD, HIS name is JESUS and HE is the CHRIST the Anointed One and the Anointing is HIS. It does not matter what color your skin is, if you are wealthy, poor, sick, healthy, a murderer, homosexual, where you are born, racist or any type of acts of sin that you actively do, have done or is lurking within you without your knowledge. You are a sinner by birth we all are and before any of us come to JESUS we are the children of satan case closed. So whoever, are you a whoever? All you need to do is just believe in JESUS not from your emotions, not in your mind but in your heart dear one, believe in JESUS within your heart as you have anything else but without doubting just like you don’t doubt your name or the color of your skin. Life will begin for you instantaneously in your spirit and when we die an earthly death we will be gathered by JESUS HIMSELF to be with HIM. Our life in JESUS is everlasting not like the non-believers who also will have everlasting lives but in torment in hell and the lake of fire. Don’t believe that when things go awry here on earth on in our personal life that GOD is showing HIS anger towards mankind in some type of way. That is a lie from the pit of hell and people say stupid things that make them sound important and soothe their understanding. But we, on the other hand, are not to lean on our own understanding but we are to trust in the LORD for HIS direction.

Everyone wants to enter heaven but no one wants to do what is required to enter into heaven. We will not be taking our sin into heaven this is why we must make the choice now here on earth while we still have the chance. Look, this is only a dress rehearsal for mankind and we will either fail or pass the test. I chose to pass the test and I’m trying my best to get as many of you to pass the test as well. You must be born again and it does not happen through sex as how we came the first time. This time it comes in the spirit because GOD is Spirit and HE is inside of JESUS and JESUS is inside of HIM. We must believe in JESUS that HE is the SON of GOD. That HE died for our sins and that HE rose again. Now learn of HIM and live your life through HIM. Know that JESUS is the LORD your GOD.

Are you thirsty for life? There is a fountain that will provide us with life water and we will never thirst again. Our thirst will finally be quenched.   

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