This is the fluid which circulates in all humans and animals. Blood is essential to the preservation of life. All humans are related to one another whether we know this or not because GOD is the One who made every nation from one blood and that blood is from Adam; Acts 17:26. In JESUS we become of Royal lineage and honorable, again from the blood of One, the blood of JESUS. In the Word of GOD, we are taught that the blood is able to do and be the following.

  • Speak to the Creator GOD in death; Gen. 4:10.
  • Guilt and punishment; Acts 18:6
  • Those that will receive JESUS are given the right to become children of GOD because we believe in HIS name; we are not born of blood or the will of the flesh which is the will of mankind; but, we are born of GOD; Jhn. 1:12-13
  • Humans are of earthly wisdom and reason but in JESUS we become wise with the help of the Holy Spirit; Matt. 16:17
  • Communion/Sacramental symbol of the blood of CHRIST; Matt. 26:28
  • The sufferings and death of JESUS; Rom. 5:3  

Though I’ve chosen an Old Testament scripture we are to no longer follow this Law of Moses regarding the eating. What I desire for us to focus in on is that it’s in the blood which sustains life and that the life of the flesh is in its blood.

Most people believe that the first book and chapter of Matthew is the actual New Testament/Covenant but it’s not. In the four gospels, the NT actually begin in the chapters which inform us of the crucifixion of JESUS. A testament is actually a will; a legal document that informs the public what we are to have either while the testator is still alive [this is called a living will] or after the death of the testator. Throughout the four gospels, JESUS taught how we are to think, live by faith and speak.  In the twenty-sixth chapter and verses, twenty-seven and eight of Matthew; JESUS dined with HIS home-boys which was not special but during this particular time, the dining experience became special. JESUS took wine and said “Drink from it, all of you. This is MY blood of the New Covenant/Testament; which is shed for many for the remission/payment/forgiveness of sins”. It is only because of the blood of JESUS that we become ratified; we are confirmed; we become established, and it is settled. We are to know that by faith in JESUS we are approved; sanctioned, and made valid because of the blood of JESUS which was used to sign the agreement/treaty for all humans in the world.

The LORD GOD JESUS purchased us with HIS own precious blood and because of this, we are being saved for HIMself.

Because of the bloody sacrificial death of JESUS, we must consider ourselves to be who we are in HIM and that is acquitted; brought into right relationship with GOD; justified and righteous. No longer is GOD angry with humans.  Before, when we were rebellious due to sin we were far from GOD and the anger of GOD was experienced; but, now because of our faith and our receiving the gift of salvation which was given to us in the blood of JESUS, HE is nearer to us and the blood washed of GOD is nearer to HIM and us than our very breath.

The FATHER is well pleased with HIS SON JESUS; and, HIS full being lives in HIS SON. Through HIS SON JESUS; GOD reconciled to HIMself all things; making peace through JESUS; having JESUS shed HIS precious blood by execution on the cross for us.

Understand beloved, that Adam passed and continues to pass down through his blood tie to humans the curse of sin. And it is only through the bloody sacrifice of JESUS that paid the ransom for us to be free in HIM and to no longer be kept hostage by the devil. The blood of JESUS is costly for the FATHER and JESUS willingly purchased us by HIS being offered up as a sacrificial lamb without any defects or spots. Though it cost GOD dearly; it cost us nothing. JESUS is our bloody gift; not to asks questions as to why HE gives HIMself to us as a gift; not to think that HE has a hidden motive for presenting HIMself as a gift to us. Or, believe that if we take HIS gift of salvation then we are expected to do something in return. And, not for us to say; “YOU did not have to do that/this”. Because, yes HE did have to do what HE did for us to get us back to the FATHER.

The blood of JESUS is what purifies us day by day. All a non-believer/sinner/rebellious person need do by faith is confess that you are a non-believer in CHRIST JESUS which makes you a sinner and the act of the sin in your life is rebellion. CHRIST JESUS is true to HIS nature and promises and that is HE is faithful and a just GOD who will acquit/dismiss/forgive/pardon all our sinfulness. In doing this daily we will be washed in HIS blood which cleanses us from all unrighteousness which is everything that does not conform to HIS purpose for us; HIS will, thoughts, and actions.


I only chose a small part of the greeting from John the Revelator in Revelation but I suggest we read the entire greeting. CHRIST JESUS loves us. CHRIST JESUS freed us from our sins once and for all at the cost of HIS blood.

Every day blood washed CHRISTians defeat the devil and his cohorts by the blood of the lamb which flows in our veins and covers us bodily. We must read the messages left for us in the Word of GOD this is how we renew our thinking and we must apply the Word to our lives. We are overcomers because CHRIST JESUS overcame sin for us in every area of our lives; we are healed from all sickness and disease; we do not have to live our habitual life of sin nor do we need to speak death any longer. We are walking around daily drenched in the blood of CHRIST JESUS if we will only believe by faith in HIM.

Leviticus 17:11, 14; Matthew 26:28; Luke 22:20; 1 Cor. 10:16; Acts 20:28; Romans 5:9; Eph. 2:13; Colossians 1:20; 1 Peter 1:19; 1 John 1:7; Revelation 1:5, 12:11


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