Grace – Proverbs 3:21-22

Keep sound wisdom and discretion; so they will be life to your soul and grace to your neck.

Discretion is the power to make discerning distinctions, to properly separate and to distinguish. Have any of you ever wondered just what does it mean to discern in the spirit and to follow the path of CHRIST JESUS? Simply put; understand that because GOD is the creator of all things and people; seen and unseen. It is HIS protection that HIS creation receives in HIS providence. In other words its GOD’s foresight that is used to denote GOD’s persevering and governing over all things by means of second chances. Did any of you catch that? If not let me break it down further. GOD so loved the world; that HE gave HIS only Beloved and Begotten SON; that who so ever believes in HIM will not perish but have everlasting life. (John 3:16; now I paraphrased the scripture) But I want to get you to see the Grace that GOD the Creator of all things had set in place for mankind. Yes, GOD is the Creator of all things but HIS love is not for animals, places, plant life and things as it is for mankind. GOD set into motion to activate Grace within the lives of mankind and this began with Adam. Yes, Adam short changed all of his descendants which include you and I but I also believe that after Adam and Eve were evicted from the garden that Adam and Eve asked for and received forgiveness. Look; it’s impossible to eat and taste a delicacy so wonderful and not want more. Taste and see that the LORD GOD is good; (Ps. 34:8). It’s impossible to hang out with someone with whom you have such a strong connection and not want the relationship to continue after there has been a parting of the ways. It’s impossible not to talk about someone that you are simply crazy in-love with. I believe that Adam and Eve talked about the LORD GOD all the time; how else did they produce children that were recorded in the bible as followers of the Most High GOD; you know their names Able and Seth. Though Adam and Eve had other sons and daughters Cain, Abel and Seth were the ones recorded. When we are wrong; we are pushed to ask for forgiveness and most times it’s selfishness on our part that we ask for forgiveness and in this case GOD does not mind because HE desires that we have a relationship with HIM. Adam and Eve missed GOD and they remembered what life was like before they were kicked out of Eden. They remembered having loving talks with GOD their Creator; they remembered how HE provided for their every need. What a haunting thought if you are not reunited with your source of existence. Grace is given to the non-believer as well as the believer; however, the believer reaps the greater reward. See, mankind needs rain so it does not just rain on the righteous; it also rains on the wicked. Mankind has needs and desires; it is the LORD GOD that provides; not your education; not your money and not who you know. For the believer; our spiritual life and all of our interests are protected by the Grace of the Living GOD so that we are kept from falling into sin and trouble. But, if we so happen to fall we are provided away of escape. The Grace of GOD does not see our shortcomings; what GOD sees is the Holy Blood of JESUS; HIS Beloved; Begotten SON. The purest sacrifice offered to save mankind from hell the punishment created for satin and his angels that followed him out of heaven; the final punishment will be that unceasing lake of fire. That place were heat will never end; that place where no liquid is provided to quench the thirst; that place where love is non-existent; that place were bugs; insects; worms and such crawl continually on your body and there is nothing that can be done to kill them or remove them. From sin that thing we do that we think we love so much; that thing we do that we don’t believe will provide a negative consequence. Sin, the very disobedience from the Word of GOD; that trap that the devil is never in short supply of. Sin, that activity that you desire to stop but for reasons unknown to you; there is no stop button so you don’t see a light at the end of the tunnel. Sin, that place that keeps you bound and chained in prison to your community, environment and a lifestyle that you believe everyone is apart of. But oh for Grace; “Tis so sweet to trust in JESUS; just to take HIM at HIS Word; just to rest upon HIS promise; just to know trust saith the LORD” to be forgiven for the crimes that you should be punished for but JESUS has said that you are not guilty. That Grace that makes itself available to us in HIS Holy Word to impart who we are in CHRIST JESUS; what we can do in CHRIST JESUS; what the LORD GOD has in store for us day by day. That Grace that will never leave us alone even we think that we are in a dark place; that Grace that will not laugh at you when you give into sin nor will Grace condemn us. Grace that will provide wisdom to us if we will only ask and GOD will give it to us liberally. Grace that will not be a heavy burdensome yoke around our neck but an embrace and a kiss. Grace provides a home to our soul; you see we are tri-part beings. We are spirit because we are made in the image of the Living GOD. Our spirit will return back to the LORD GOD regardless of salvation or abandonment of GOD’s Grace towards us. We are a soul; this is where our will and emotions are housed our memory is also locked in here. The soul is that part of us that has no home and it’s up to us to provide our soul with a home be it heaven or hell; the choice is ours. But remember how I describe just a small part of what hell is like. Well here is a small description of what GOD has promised to me regarding heaven. That a mansion is being prepared for me and that I will get to see JESUS and I will be with many members of my family known and unknown. Babies that I miscarried are waiting on my arrival. The tree of life is there; the street is paved in gold and the gate is formed from one pearl. I will be clothed in a white radiant robe and be given a crown. My name will be changed and never repeated. There is just so much that I will experience in heaven that I can’t remember them all at this moment nor do I have enough writing time. What I do know is this that heaven is appealing to me so I have my ticket because CHRIST JESUS paid my fair. Then there is the flesh that is made of dirt and it will return back to the ground from which it came from. So discern between the Grace of GOD and the wickedness of the enemy; the enemy will never promote goodness and he will push us into doing those things that we may not want to do but will find ourselves doing. Grace will show and tell us what GOD has done; is doing and will do on our behalf and Grace will always bring glory to the LORD GOD.

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