Love 3 of 3



I will never forget when the Holy Spirit told me that I failed a certain test or passed a certain test. When I failed, it crushed me because in my humanity I imagined myself disappointing JESUS. I never thought that JESUS had already known beforehand that I was going to fail. None of us do. And it’s wonderful that HE refuses for us to go any further until we pass that test. For however long it will take us HE will set us up to either pass or fail HIS test to love. And when that moment came that the Holy Spirit told me that I had passed from death to life because I had actually shown love to my brother in CHRIST caused me to shout. Sometimes we can think that we are loving our siblings when in reality according to JESUS we are not. When we are unable to continually love our siblings we don’t know our FATHER and we don’t belong to HIM. Because our FATHER is the epitome of love. Within our DNA should be found, love.

Let us not be like those who say that they are Christians but are not CHRIST like at all, meaning that they have left their first love. Thinking nothing of HIM, living not for HIM, and not loving like HE does.

1 John 3:14, 4:8; Revelation 2:4


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