There is a gift waiting for you, it has your name on it, don’t reject the wonderful gift that continues to give. It’s wrapped in the most beautiful wrapping and tied with a beautiful bow. Come and extend your hands and heart and receive what belongs to you. You have been located, you’ve heard HIS calling you have dodged and run enough, you are mistaking as to why you are being called. You are being called to receive your gift. You did not or you do not have to do anything to receive your gift. All you have to do is come and get it with your whole heart and with open hands. Now to those who have received their gift, isn’t the gift most wonderful as I told you? Now, let us use our gift, our gift is not something we just put somewhere and come to dust off. Let us take a look at what our gift affords us if we would only believe and receive the power our gift has and its continuous giving properties.

Say what you will, at all times, always, and continually asking in prayer/ speaking with the FATHER as you believe so that you will receive. Evoke the name of JESUS when you speak with the FATHER so that what you ask for you will receive it and watch your joy overflow.

We know when we received JESUS into our heart when we received salvation on that glorious day for that we have experienced. We were not immediately baptized in the Holy Spirit, He is someone we most definitely need. He is the One who gives us wisdom, understanding, boldness and the power to walk victoriously. He is a wonderful gift that provides us with all things in JESUS so that we will know that we lack nothing. JESUS was baptized in the Holy Spirit when HE was baptized by HIS cousin John and from that point on we witness all that JESUS did in the power of HIS Holy Spirit. Then we witnessed when HE was on the cross how HE dismissed HIS Holy Spirit so that He will come to fill us as opposed to just coming to be on us temporarily as He was known to do. JESUS said that HE was not going to leave us comfortless and the Holy Spirit is the One who provides us with His comfort.

Without the Holy Spirit, we will not know the LORD in full. We will not hear HIM speaking to us daily and we will not speak to HIM either daily. We will have JESUS within us but we will not know who we are in JESUS. We will not exercise JESUS within us. JESUS will be like all the gifts we have received and placed in certain places within our home or office and only acknowledge whenever. The Holy Spirit compels us to communicate with the FATHER through JESUS, we will want to give thanks, praise and worship the FATHER through JESUS because HIS Word is being revealed within us from day to day.

There are many Christians who are religious they are judgemental and legalistic. They attend church on the regular yet the church is not within their heart and spirit. They are capable of pointing the finger at others but never consider their unloving and nasty disposition towards others. They are no better than the sons of Eli who knew GOD in their minds but not in their heart and spirit. No one can receive the Holy Spirit in the law but we can receive the Holy Spirit by hearing of Him in faith. We can receive the gift of the Holy Spirit in faith. Then watch the immediate change that will occur in our lives knowing that it is Him that guides us in the love of CHRIST JESUS, watch how the scriptures begin to reveal the deeper rather than we just reading and not getting the full understanding. Watch how when we pray in the Holy Spirit how we receive whatever we ask for because whatever we ask for will be according to the will of the FATHER in JESUS name. The Holy Spirit will give us the desire to obey the Word of GOD in and with freedom. Why is this? Because we exercise our faith in the Word of GOD by hearing and hearing not by our having heard. We must listen to preachers who are preaching the Word and nothing more. We must study our Word for ourselves and listen to the Holy Spirit give to us understanding. We must apply the Word of GOD to our lives and watch our lives continually change, watch our environment around us change just because we are there.

The LORD continually watches those who belong to HIM because those that belong to HIM are righteous. HIS ears hear the voices of the righteous always. The LORD never will take HIS eyes off of HIS children. We need to know that we are not what we see, we are sitting on a throne with kings. We are seated forever with our FATHER and CHRIST JESUS and as JESUS is exalted so are we. The Holy Spirit causes us to respect GOD with a reverential fear, not a fear of dread like when someone scares us or we watch the news and we allow ourself to be scared by what we watch or hear. Oh, by the way, when we are filled with the Holy Spirit if we like listening, reading or watching the news so that we will know what is going on in the world. And there is nothing wrong with that but we should not become scared by what we place into our spirit with that knowledge after all, whose report are we going to believe? Are we going to believe the activities and speech of man or are we going to believe the Word of GOD? The Holy Spirit can not occupy the same place that the spirit of fear reside because the spirit of fear is demonic. The Holy Spirit gives us hope in mercy and everlasting hope in the promises of FATHER and JESUS.

Remember, we are seated with princes, we are seated with kings, we are exalted above those who are religious or without belief in JESUS. We have a loving gift who is alive within us. Enjoy!

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