LOVE Letter

Love Letter

I’m a love letter and I need you to operate as I do. You see love shows mercy, Ex. 20:6; and I don’t look to take vengeance on those who have hurt me or caused me great harm. I refuse to hold a grudge against them, Lev. 19:18. When the LORD informed me that I was to love; HE said that I had to love HIM with everything that I have, Deut. 6:5. I found out that love will deliver me from the bondage of whatever is holding me back from the pure, sweet and tender love that the LORD GOD has for me, Deut. 7:8. So because I have this knowledge; I’ve decided to walk as JESUS walks, Deut. 10:12. It’s not been easy, I’ve been tested and I’m sure that I will be tested again, Deut. 13:3. But I’m certain that I will pass the test, because my heart has been circumcised; which compels me to love with everything I am, Deut. 30:6. I did not know that love will magnify GOD, Ps. 70:4. I love, LOVE; because love will correct me when I’m wrong, Prov. 3:12. Not only that; but pure love will cover all my sins, Prov. 10:12. I praise GOD, that love is everlasting and not some timey or built on conditions, Jer. 31:3. Love draws me gently, Hos. 11:4 and is free which allows me to love freely, Hos. 14:4. I love mercy; because without mercy, none of us stands a chance, Mic. 6:8. Love quiets me, Zeph. 3:17 because love is truthful and peaceful, Zech. 8:19. Love propels me to love my enemies even when I don’t want to; I can’t help myself, Matt. 5:44. What do or who do I love more than JESUS; Matt. 10:37? Love has and will suffer for me, have I made myself available to suffer for another; Jhn. 3:16? Love has placed all things in the hands of JESUS and I do mean all things; so why am I sitting back complaining, worrying or hurting longer than I should about a situation when JESUS has it in HIS hands, Jhn. 3:35? Love has no problem being seen; love does not want to be kept on the down low; love will not sneak around; Jhn. 11:36. Love has taught me to love just as JESUS loves and there is no greater example setter than that, Jhn. 13:34. Pure, unadulterated love will create disciples for JESUS, Jhn. 13:35. Love will manifest JESUS inside of me, Jhn. 14:21. The Word of GOD is plentiful and takes a lifetime to learn and understand. But what I do know and understand, I should love and keep so that the FATHER and JESUS will live inside of me, Jhn. 14:23. Just as the FATHER loves so does JESUS and just as JESUS loves so should I, Jhn. 15:9. I understand that for the love of a dear friend or the love of a family member I may consider laying down my life; but what about someone I don’t love as a friend or who is not related to me? Do I love to the point of suffering for another? Sometimes love will suffer for me, Jhn. 15:13; 1 Jhn. 3:16. Am I seeking perfection? Look no further, love creates perfection within me, Jhn. 17:23. Love will restore me even when there is justifiable reason to be cast out, Jhn. 21:15. In my heart, love is there being poured out from the Holy Spirit, Rom. 5:5. Disappointments come and go; so does incredible hurt and pain that is caused by another. I may not see it; I may not even understand it; but all things work together for good to those who love GOD, Rom. 8:28. Love, is not conditional or hypocritical, Rom. 12:9. Love is very affectionate and kind, Rom. 12:10. Love will never fail me, 1 Cor. 13:8. I must pursue love above all else, 1 Cor. 14:1; 1 Tim. 6:11. When I operate in pure love I will find myself loving the unlovable and forgiving the unforgivable because the love of CHRIST compels me, 2 Cor. 5:14. Love is diligent and sincere, 2 Cor. 8:8; often times love will be seen in the proof of action not just lip service, 2 Cor. 8:24. When my emotions are overwhelmed with the hurt that others impose on me, remember this; JESUS love is immeasurable and yet to this day HE is greatly hated. I am too if I am walking according to the love principle of the commandment given to me by CHRIST JESUS; I will love much and be loved little, 2 Cor. 12:15. I think this is a great sign of how much I have come out of the world. My faith works through love, Gal. 5:6; and the reason why so many fail in their faith is because they have not placed their faith in the faith of JESUS. It’s not about my faith all the time because my faith waivers far too much. But if I place my faith in the faith of JESUS and allow HIM to do the work that only HE can do, I will see my love for JESUS growing. And if my love for JESUS grows more and more than my love for people have to grow more and more. GOD is rich in mercy and has a great amount of love that is never ending, Eph. 2:4. You know JESUS had already forgiven Judas Iscariot before he committed suicide; the thing is he did not know this. There are many people that we know that we can help just by letting them know that we truly love them, not in words but in deeds. Folks are messed up because they don’t understand me; this is why I have found it necessary to get this love letter to you. I need to be rooted and grounded in you. I need you to be rooted and grounded in my love, Eph. 3:17. The love of CHRIST surpasses all knowledge and understanding, Eph. 3:19; this is why people can’t comprehend it. I need you to walk in love, Eph. 5:1; because love abounds more and more, Philip. 1:9; by the mini-second. If I think on things that are lovely, Philip. 4:8 and not on the negative that has been done to me; my peace will increase. I must put love on and keep it on because love is the bond of perfection, Col. 3:14. I must increase and abound in love, 1 Thess. 3:12. I desire the love of GOD and the patience of CHRIST, 2 Thess. 3:5. Because I want to love from a good conscience and a pure heart with sincere faith in JESUS, 1 Tim. 1:5. I must be an example to others in love, 1 Tim. 4:12; not in conditions. I’ve asked the LORD GOD for the Spirit of love which is powerful and sound, 2 Tim. 1:7; then I stir up that love within me, Heb. 10:24. I will love fervently with a pure heart, 1 Ptr. 1:22; 4:8; and keep my mouth from speaking evil or deceit, 1 Ptr. 3:10. My name is love and I am powerful; I will cause you to have a good character and great integrity; what you speak will be bankable because you will be a person of your word; 1 Jhn. 2:5. The beginning of love is found in the LORD GOD and there is no ending to it; for love is of GOD, 1 Jhn. 4:7. Regardless, of what my brother or sister has done or said, I will love; 1 Jhn. 4:21. I know it will be difficult; but I walk in love none the less; 2 Jhn. 1:6. Let the church witness love; 3 Jhn. 1:6 and love will be multiplied; Jude 1:2.

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