Give this some real thought; what comes to mind when you think of mercy? Don’t try to get deep and think about something biblical. Really search your heart as to what you think mercy is to you.

Inmates consider mercy to be a lifelong prison term instead of the death penalty. Victims of a crime consider it mercy when they come under attack and their life is spared.

Do you realize that mercy is active in everyone; everyday?

Just to survive the entire day is an act of mercy. To be employed and not laid off or discharged is an act of mercy. To be able to get an education without discrimination is an act of mercy. I believe that you are getting the gist of mercy now. I needed to shine a light on mercy to get you the reader to understand as many aspects of mercy as I can. GOD had compassion on us when we really did not deserve it. Let’s think about it; we did not spend any quality time thinking of GOD and HIS LOVE for us; we did not think about JESUS and the sacrifice HE made for us. We were happy doing our own thing whatever that may have been. We were comfortable and happy in our misery of defiance. We were only kind and compassionate to those we wanted to be that way with. However, it came with a price. As long as you were getting what you wanted from another person you were cool. Favors were given to the highest bidder; you do for me, I’ll do for you.

It is important that we understand the fullness of mercy and exercise mercy towards others. Look for reasons to invoke mercy on others.

Remember, there were a time when we all deserved GOD’s punishment and there maybe some of you who are reading this publication right now who still deserve GOD’s punishment. Only you can make the correct choice for yourself. You can choose to live a life in eternity with our Creator; The GOD of all creation; The FATHER of JESUS and us when we return to HIM or you can choose to live eternity with your father; the father of lies and deceit. You do his bidding and the both of you will suffer the very same punishment. The LORD is compassionate and merciful; slow to anger and filled with unfailing love. Psalm 103:8

The faithful LOVE of The LORD never ends! HIS mercies never cease! Great is HIS faithfulness; HIS mercies begin afresh every morning. Lamentations 3:22-23

There will be times when even our brothers and sister will work our nerves and we forget who we are in the body of CHRIST. However, when you feel like striking out against someone who has wronged you; don’t. GOD blesses those who are merciful, for they will be shown mercy. Matthew 5:7    

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