All throughout the bible, we will see a man this and man that. It’s seldom written about women and when it is we must take notice. It’s not that women are less than nothing to GOD and we must never take that attitude. It’s just that when GOD the FATHER sees HIS children, HE actually only sees HIS sons be they male or female. Intelligent people whether they understand it or not accept the fact that GOD created man and that we did not evolve from an ape. But here is where most everyone confuses the exact facts. GOD did create man and HE named him Adam. But GOD never created woman, GOD made a woman out of the man and humans have been made ever since. Woman/females/girls are made from the rib of a man. And for every Adam, there is an Eve. Also another argument that I used to hear only within my culture but I’ve come to learn that it’s a worldly thing is that JESUS looks like them. Especially if your hair is dry and it is difficult to comb because it’s not properly moisturized or dreads is the preferred method. I will never forget when I was about eight-teen and passed a Catholic church one day and saw an Asian statue of Mary with an Asian Jesus. It’s all good for you to think this way but I just want you to understand that what you are believing is all wrong.

Humankind not animals of any kind we are made in the likeness that means that we resemble our originator. But we all are various shades and though we may have similar features we do look differently so how can we know exactly what GOD looks like in order to know the likeness that we are to resemble of HIS? Our origins, our true identity, is a spirit because GOD is a Spirit. What we see in a mirror is a temporary house in order for us to be able to move around here on the earth. And it carries the outward features of our family members. So our image was created by GOD the FATHER only and HE purposed for us to either be male or female GOD in HIS infinite wisdom does not make mistakes. Those who confess that their bodies are mistakes, that they are confused, that their identity is in crisis those are the ones who lack wisdom. And no matter what a person does to the outer body when it’s all said and done and your body is laying on a table cold your identity will be discovered. Not from the scars but from the blood, the DNA, the size of the internal organs and the skeleton. GOD the FATHER created humankind male and female and HE blessed and named us and when we destroy ourselves, however, we chose to do so. It’s a slap in HIS face, a thumb up the nose towards HIM, it’s as if what HE has done meant absolutely nothing and that we don’t give a care.

From the beginning the FATHER created man and when HE saw that man was lonely HE made the woman. HE never created and HE never made two of the same sexes and stuck them in an exotic garden and said love each other or be fruitful and multiply. No, it was to the man and to the woman that GOD blessed and said: “be fruitful and multiply”.

Humankind is completely out of touch with their Creator because of sin. We must come to JESUS so that we are able to communicate with HIM and in order to do this we must be Born Again in spirit because without JESUS we are spiritually dead. So many people say that they are the children of GOD and that is not true at least not to the Highest GOD some are the children of god who is satan and they are not aware of that fact and will not be until it’s too late. We are all GOD’s creations but we are not all GOD’s children those who are true believers in CHRIST JESUS are the children of GOD.

Humans you want peace, you want unity? Then we need to stop all this chatter with people that cannot provide peace with all their ideas and go straight to the source. JESUS. We have a clown in power who is trying to build a wall and JESUS already broke down the barrier, the dividing wall. But because many don’t realize this we are not praying proper prayers. There is a lot of spiritual antagonism going on and it will increase, don’t be fooled but today not when it looks bad today and every day that you have breath. We need to pray proper prayers not in anger and not out of fear. Most of what is going on that appear to be out of control have already been abolished in the flesh of JESUS and the FATHER is totally satisfied so why aren’t we? We HIS children should be at peace in this time of turmoil and watch those who are of the world lose their minds. This is the time when they see us calm and cool that they should be coming to us asking us “What must I do to become Saved”?     

Genesis 1:26-27, 5:2; Matt. 19:4; John 4:24; Ephesians 2:14-16


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