Help from GOD

Psalm 121:1-3

So many of GODs children walk around with their heads hung low; their eyes are pointed towards the ground. Unless you are looking for something you have dropped or looking for lost money that others have dropped’ so that you can give 10% of what you found to your local church. Why are your eyes looking downward? Our help does not come from below but above. We should look towards heaven because this is where our helper sits and we should
remember that HE has mercy for us. Our help comes directly from GOD through the use of others; Psalms 123-1-2.

When we ask GOD to help us; HE will not deny us. And we can’t rely on our own help because when we are left to our own devices without the guidance of GOD; we find our situation or our life upside down and for some of us we experience paranoia. I think that paranoia is a perfect example of how far away from GOD we are. When we rely on GOD to help us; we are no longer stressed or confused about what we are to do. GOD is our Captain in our storms and it is HIM alone who will quiet those storms; Mark 4:39. My suggestion to you; is to ask yourself. Where am I confused; paranoid; dissatisfied or unsuccessful? These are the areas where you should go before GOD and ask HIM for HIS help. Remember what GOD said ask is in Matthew 5:7.

  • A = ask and it will be given to you
  • S = seek and you will find
  • K – knock and it will be opened to you

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