Matthew 6

When JESUS speaks about our charitable deeds; what HE is speaking of is anything that we do for anyone. For example: when we loan someone money; most times than not we may have to do this without expecting the loan to be paid off. It can be difficult; however, if we are being sincere when we are helping another person; do so knowing that had they been able to help themselves; they would have not needed our help. Also do not tell others what we have done to help another individual; when we toot our own horn; we abort our divine blessing from The LORD GOD. We never know when or how The LORD GOD will provide HIS favor over our lives. So keep our mouth shut.

When I’m around others who pray; I pay very close attention as to what they are praying about and how many times they have repeated what was once said. I’m never surprised at how many people will pray in the old King James English when we all know that this is not the manner in which we speak. I’m also never surprised when prayer does not flow or when the person praying is using this time to be noticed. These people are called pretenders/hypocrites by JESUS. When we are asked to pray; most times than not all we have to say is “Thank YOU” FATHER in JESUS name. It’s always good to pray that a service will go forth in the power of The Holy Spirit and that we will be used simple as the instrument and nothing more. A request is simply that, a request; such as healing. First we must acknowledge that The LORD GOD has already confirmed that we are already healed; our flesh is being challenged in a certain area and it is our will to see an outward showing of what we already have in our bodies. Understand that it is our spirit that has been renewed not our flesh; so we must put it under the authority of The LORD GOD’s Word. Say what we mean and mean what we say then sit down. Another example JESUS used is that HE asked each of us to go into our closet to pray. Well our closet maybe the shower; a bath; sitting on the toilet; driving our car; cooking. Wherever we are alone and no one will interfere with our devotion; this is the place where we will meet with The LORD GOD. For me my prayer closet is the shower and when I’m driving. The blue print of prayer has already been laid out for us by JESUS. When we follow the blue print step by step; we will not error.

1.    Our FATHER who is in heaven; hallowed be YOUR name.

We are recognizing that The LORD GOD creator of man- kind is in heaven and that HIS very name is Holy.

2.   YOUR kingdom come; YOUR will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

The LORD GOD’s kingdom is the spiritual sovereignty where The LORD GOD extends be it heaven or earth. Here we are acknowledging that HIS kingdom extends from heaven to the earth. Whatever the desire that The LORD GOD has for HIS children we too desire the same; we want our desire to be as HIS desire is.

3.   Give us this day our daily bread.

Provide us with no more than what we need today.

4.   And forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors.

We have asked The LORD GOD to forgive our sinful offense and with the same mercy that The LORD GOD has shown and given to us we too are to do the same. Never again thinking of the wrong that was once done to us.

5.   And do not lead us into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one.

JESUS was actually led into temptation but because of our weakness to sin we don’t want to be led there but delivered; should we find ourselves enticed by what we know. We can’t be tempted by anything that we are not familiar with. If we know that coffee is bad for our health yet the smell of fresh brewed coffee lures us to wanting to the point we can taste the coffee; that is a temptation.

6.   For YOURS are the kingdom and the power and the glory forever. Amen.

We are saying that it’s not about us but it’s all about The LORD GOD because HE alone has the power to allow us to do what is done. We can’t brush our teeth unless HE allows the animation of the arms to accomplish the activity. Our glory is through HIM; HIS glory is everlasting. HE was glorious and glorified before HE created the earth, stars, moon, sun, angels, animals, man, dirt and so forth. It is so, regardless of what we believe and that settles that.

When fasting we are not to broadcast that this is something that we are doing. Ever notice that when we begin to fast this is the time when we are the hungriest; we begin to notice more food commercials; billboards or fast food restaurants than ever before? Also when we tell others that we are fasting; we go into details as to why we are fasting and we don’t realize that the enemy is also listening. Most times than not because he has found out that we are on a spiritual quest; he steals, aborts or destroys the possibilities of a positive outcome in our lives. When we have to fast for medical reasons; we can get this done almost without a hitch because we don’t concentrate on the food we are missing; the outcome of what has been promised and we are more apt not to tell someone that we are going for a procedure because we don’t want them to know our business. When we fast we are to wash as we normally do; put on our smell good as we normally do; dress to impress ourselves as we normally do and anoint our heads and eat the Word of GOD all day long. When someone ask us to a meal; just decline and say that we have something that we need to complete so we will forgo lunch or dinner for now at work or school. When someone ask what we had for lunch or dinner tell them that we ate bread and drank some fruit juice; this was all we wanted today. Bread = the Word of GOD and fruit juice = New wine. Look them up they are in the Bible.

It’s good to save finances but it’s better to spend it. Save some money for emergencies; a trip you will like to take or for a major purchase. But don’t allow our finances to just sit in the bank to gain interest just because. I’m sure we have family members who are struggling that we can financially help or we know someone who may need assistance with medical; utilities; food etc. Saving up money just because is crazy; we don’t know if we will be able to enjoy what money has the ability to do. We must learn to enjoy life today and not tomorrow. Why work 20-40 years and not get to do all the things you’ve dreamed of doing. Today I watch so many people who have retired only to return back to work because the money they have set aside is not enough to live on day to day and travel. If you want save your money; put it away in a financial institution with your name and another’s name for the future. This way once we have stipulated why we have saved the money the money will be put to good use by the person we have intended it for. The accounts we lay up here on earth are not as safe neither will they provide a greater return than what we have stored up for ourselves in heaven. I have noticed that because I’m a giver The LORD GOD provides for me in ways that if HE did not intervene I would suffer. I have noticed in my past that when I am in great need of money and know that I can’t get help from people; The LORD GOD will put money either in my pocket; purse or bank. In all cases HE has never used another human to give me the money I needed. HE has shown me that HE is my source when it comes to money. Want to know how secure someone is in their relationship with The LORD GOD mess with their wallet. Our treasure is revealed by our hearts; whichever way our heart is bent it will be revealed by our actions and by what we say. Look into the eyes of another and you may notice if the light is on or off. It has been proven to me that no person can serve two masters and that the person will love one and despise the other. My first husband had a goal to obtain wealth by doing what needed to be done legally even if it meant neglecting his wife. He loved money and despised me because I felt that the manner in which he went about getting wealth was not prioritize correctly as well as no one is in need of possessions now every day. Then he began to waiver on getting finances and began to chase other women using the money that was intended for his family and home; again neglecting his priorities for lust. After I went to him when he fathered a child with another woman while married to me; I asked him if he loved her. He responded with a no; I then asked him if he will come home to be the husband and father he know he could be. He responded with yes. It never happened and he neglected his child by the other woman also. In the long run I acknowledged that his true master was himself. He disliked and liked himself to the point of being selfish and no one else really matters. Though JESUS was referring to riches; this is the translation to the Aramaic word mammon which is the abundant supply of resources not necessarily being money. Ever notice that when we have all that we need for the time being; our thoughts are not centered on The LORD JESUS? A husband and wife are lords of each other because they are to be submissive to each other. Parents are lords over their children because they are to teach, train the children to be the very best people they can be through JESUS. Employers are lords over employees because they are the ones who instill what it is we are expected to do for the wages we will be provided with. JESUS is our LORD because we recognize that HE is our all and all; without HIM we can do nothing and have nothing. We willingly submit to HIM because of whom HE is to us and who we are to HIM. When we place anything or anyone before the LORD JESUS we are saying that this thing or person has lordship over us. There are many lords but only one true LORD. It amazes me how of all the creations of The LORD GOD plant life, constellations and animals and humans; everything but humans are totally submissive to The LORD GOD. I have never seen a moon or sun not shine because of its inability to be seen by the entire planet or due to clouds blocking their light. I have never seen an animal starve unless it was by the hand of humans; daily they are provided for. The LORD GOD created humans in HIS image nothing else was given this wonderful gift; yet we lose it because we only have a loaf of bread and nothing to place inbetween the bread to make a sandwich. We trip if we have to miss a payment on the cable because something else came up that required the cable money.  We think that we will lose the cable because of this. The LORD GOD knows what we need and if we would just simply ask and relax HE will provide. Sometimes we may mention to another person that we don’t have and that we need and that person will see that we get what it is that we need. Did you know that it was GOD that moved on the heart of that person to get us what we needed? We must learn to stretch our faith. Look for what is in the kingdom of GOD and all HIS righteousness first and HE promises to come through for us.

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