Mercy – 2 Chronicles 6:14

LORD GOD of Israel, there is no god in heaven or on earth like YOU; YOU keep YOUR covenant and mercy with YOUR servants who walk before YOU with all their hearts.

King Solomon is worshipping the LORD GOD here in this scripture. He recognizes and proclaims what is true; that the GOD of Israel is incomparable perfection. We cannot describe HIM no matter how hard we try. We have to come into the knowledge of knowing that there is none like HIM in heaven, in the earth or beneath the earth. There is no one to compare our Creator to because HE does not have a peer. HE is infinitely above all, and over all, GOD is blessed forever and from HIS blessings come our blessings. The LORD GOD is, and will be, true to every word that HE has spoken; and all who serve HIM in sincerity will certainly find HIM both faithful and kind. Those that set GOD always first and foremost before them, and walk with HIM with all their hearts, will find HIM as good as HIS word and better. HE will both keep covenant with us and show mercy to us. The LORD GOD is infinite and immense, whom the heaven, and heaven of heavens, cannot contain. It is overwhelming to know that the mercy of GOD is on HIS children and with HIS children every moment of each day. Without HIS mercy; we can’t stand. HIS mercy draws us ever closer and causes us to grow in HIS love from day to day. We may not recognize the mercies that we get all day every day but we definitely know that HIS mercy is with us. We have assurance in the promise that HE promised to Abraham. We are Abraham’s seed and HIS covenant with Abraham has not been altered. Not only that but there are so many other promises that the LORD GOD promised our ancestors that walked with HIM. We are the ones who are benefitting from those promises. We have been called and we have answered that call. We have surrendered our heart to JESUS completely. We have been baptized by the Holy Spirit. JESUS has given us HIS Word to transform our mind; our way of thinking. JESUS has given us a heart transplant and has regenerated our DNA with HIS holy blood. JESUS has given us HIS Holy Spirit that we may be comforted and given power to do and say what we must to stand against the enemies tactics against us. It’s comforting to know that although we mess up; GOD is and will remain merciful.

Lk. 1:50, 72; 2 Thess. 2:12

Mercy = favor, good, goodliness, goodness, kindly, kindness, loving kindness, merciful, pity

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