This is the day, this is the moment that we will mount up to move towards higher places. Emerge from the bottom of the horizons. Begin afresh, spring up from laying down or sitting. For my beloved CHRISTian siblings, we all have been revived so we have no excuse for being lazy or stuck. We all must begin to act on that which we have dreamed of doing, move from that state of inaction and become exerted because we are moving towards the visions that we all have.

First, children of the Living GOD; arise, get up, get moving because the LORD our GOD is our glory.

Now, for children of the darkness, those of you who do not believe in JESUS the CHRIST, who don’t believe that you are forgiven and loved, that HE died for just you alone (everyone must see this that way), that HIS suffering was not done in vain, that CHRIST JESUS rose from the dead just for you (everyone must see this that way). You are the ones that must come to acknowledge, believe, trust, have faith in all from your heart, then confess from your mouth that JESUS is the LORD and that you know that you need a Savior, so invite HIM into your heart. HE will begin to bless you at that very moment. CHRIST JESUS will come and lift you up, cause you to arise from the pit and to place your feet on solid ground. CHRIST JESUS will shine within you because HE is our Light in this world. And you will be joined with the rest of us me and my CHRISTian siblings who live and walk in the knowledge of knowing that CHRIST JESUS rises within us.

Isaiah 60:1


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