Mercy – Psalms 23:6

Surely Goodness and Mercy shall follow me all the days of my life;

Three years ago my daughter birthed her son. Because I was in the delivery room and witnessed this blessed event; I remember saying once his feet came completely out of the birth canal. LORD GOD; I thank YOU! Now save my grandson; because he is a sinner. Welcome Goodness and Mercy; thank you for showing up on time as usual to follow my grandson all the days of his life. I knew that those angels were there awaiting his arrival; I knew that they were dispatched over his life as with the birth of any human. The sad thing about this is that most people don’t realize that Goodness and Mercy are traveling on the same road as they decide to take in their lives. It is Goodness that tries to lead us to do right from wrong. Goodness tries to influence us to do what is morally correct in the sight of GOD. Unfortunately, we don’t always listen to the angel Goodness. As a matter of fact we know him as conscience; when we desire to say or do wrong it’s actually the angel Goodness that you hear speaking to you trying to get you not to say or do what you desire to say or do. Some people have even said that certain people no longer have a conscience. Well, that’s not true. What is more accurate is that some people no longer hear the angel Goodness speaking to them because they may have been given over to a reprobate mind. Now let’s speak a wee bit about the angel Mercy; this angel stands in the way of misery. People are unaware of how miserable they are because of sin and to some degree that maybe a good thing. We are not designed to carry the weight of sin and because of this we often are relieved of all the pressure that sin brings with it. Mankind is 100% sinful until we accept JESUS as our Savior; then we become 100% righteous in the sight of GOD. Though we are sinners; that does not mean that everyone has or will commit adultery; because there are some people who really respect the value of marriage. Not everyone will commit fornication; there are some who will remain a virgin (male/female) until they are married. Not everyone is considered disagreeable or quarrelsome. Not everyone is considered competitive or a rival. Not everyone is prone to having a quick temper or ready to start trouble with others. Just because you have not accepted JESUS as yet does not necessarily make you a heretic; most people respect the CHRISTian religion. And not everyone is envious of what others have or can do; they don’t desire to murder other people; they don’t drink or party excessively. This is attributed to the angel Mercy that has kept folks like that from going further into the depths of sin but that does not mean that because they have not committed those sin’s that the sins that they have committed are less than. Sin has no less than or greater than margin; it’s all the same in the sight of our Holy GOD. Everyone has committed idolatry, witchcraft which is another word for rebellion and hatred. But enough of that lets observe all the streams of mercy flowing from the fountain, pardoning mercy, protecting mercy, sustaining mercy, supplying mercy. It shall follow us all our life long, even to the last; for whom GOD loves HE loves to the end. It shall be new every morning as sure as the promise of our GOD of truth will make it; and we know whom we have believed. Goodness and Mercy having followed us all the days of our life on this earth, when that is ended we shall be removed to a better world, to dwell in the house of the Lord forever.

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