Show Respect To JESUS

Psalm 2:12

When we show the utmost respect toward CHRIST JESUS, we will affectionately give to HIM a sincere kiss from the heart that will expose our true love towards HIM.

This type of respect that is owed to JESUS is written in the scriptures as reverence.

Reverence is the mingling of esteem and fear. Esteem is value. Fear is the uneasiness of our natural passion that is accompanied by our desire to ward off evil. GOD is not evil but those who do not know HIM intimately will see HIS actions as being evil. Not realizing that we are to blame for whatever punishment we receive.

 We must choose to love and serve JESUS above all with our soul which is the residence of our emotions, heart, mind/choice/will, and where our five senses also reside.

The [soul] enables us to reason and think which renders us to either live within the morality or immorality of GOD’s government. Our strength is our spirit because it is the spirit that animates us, without a spirit we are physically dead. And without the Holy Spirit residing within our spirit, we are spiritually dead but physically breathing.

GOD The FATHER desires that we re-enter into the Covenant of Friendship with HIM. But there is only one way of doing this, [John 14:6]. Once we come to JESUS we will…

  • Enter into a Covenant of Friendship with JESUS [Jhn. 15:12-17]
  • Allow JESUS to be who HE desires to be towards you and that is to be dear and precious [1 Ptr. 1:18]
  • Love JESUS above anyone else, anything else, and any place [Deut. 6:5, Matt. 22:37, Mrk. 13:30, Lk. 10:27]
  • We are to love JESUS with sincerity, the honesty of the mind with intention without disguise, pretense, or hypocrisy.
  • We are to love JESUS much if not more than that dear woman who entered the home of the Pharisee, walked up behind JESUS as HE sat at the table and kissed HIS feet [Lk. 7:38]

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