Reign – Exodus 15:18

“The LORD shall reign forever and ever.”

The LORD GOD is Holy; HE is to be honored! We are to exalt HIS name, and celebrate HIS praise, and HIS only! Happy are the people whose GOD is the LORD GOD and there LORD is JESUS! We have work to do, temptations to grapple with, and afflictions to bear, and we are weak in our own strength; but HIS grace is our strength. We maybe in sorrow, but in HIM we have comfort; JESUS is our song. Sin, death and hell threaten us, but JESUS Is, and will be our Salvation. The LORD is a GOD of almighty power, a GOD of matchless perfection; HE is glorious in holiness; HIS holiness is HIS glory. HIS holiness appears in the hatred of sin. It appears in the deliverance of HIS children and HIS faithfulness to HIS own promise. HE is doing wonders; they are wonders of power and wonders of grace. Aren’t we joyful that JESUS reigns forever and ever? That HIS throne will never, ever be unoccupied; HE is our ruling KING throughout eternity. No one will sit on HIS throne but HIM! Glory is to our risen KING who took HIS rightful place because HE took back from the enemy what was HIS. JESUS mission was to come and bring salvation to the lost; HE took us out of the dominion of darkness and put us in the dominion of HIS light. HE governs HIS very own; all that HE has created. JESUS is the KING of all earthly Kings. JESUS is the LORD of all earthly Lords. All authority and power belong to HIM and through HIM we live and move within that authority and power. JESUS is a compassionate, loving and merciful ruler. HE does not put more on us than we can bear; not only that but HE bears our heavy load for us. Glory to GOD, Most High.

Reign – dominion, governor, KING of Kings, LORD of Lords, power, ruler of all

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