Know GOD’s Word

2 Corinthians 11

I have never sided with anyone that will read their bible in a rush. The Holy Word of GOD is not to be devoured as if it’s a normal book. No; this book transforms lives; it feeds the spirit of man; it renews our thinking; we are encouraged; we learn the promises that we can have now; today. And so much more does it have in store for us; however, we can’t race read in a year to get the revelations and the teachings we must obtain. If we don’t read and think about how the scriptures affect our life today we will not grow according to the will of GOD. Grasping the reading plan of reading the bible in one year is a trap for failure from the devil himself. As you devourthe bible as if it’s a novel; he’s sitting back laughing because he knows that those who takes on this type of reading is not being equipped to be kingdom minded. As I was reading this chapter the Holy Spirit opened my eyes to see punctuation marks that I’ve never seen before. Just think; something as simple as a punctuation mark can be a revelation for you in a scripture. Apostle Paul opened up by saying that he will need the Corinthians and us for that matter to “bear with him in a little foolishness.” It is and it is not foolishness for Apostle Paul to fear but its complete foolishness to include the LORD JESUS CHRIST in that emotion. As humans we fear the unknown or those things that we are not sure hs he  us for that matter to bear with him as he  can be a revelation for you in a scripture. ‘ However; the LORD JESUS CHRIST is the author and finisher of our faith and HE does not give us a spirit of fear. The LORD JESUS CHRIST desires that we trust in HIM completely; in other words it would be better for us to doubt our very name before we doubt the promises of the LORD JESUS CHRIST. So many CHRISTians are ready to quote the Apostle Paul before we will quote the LORD JESUS. I’m not writing that Apostle Paul in some cases is not worth quoting; I just want us to know before we quote him does it agree with what the LORDJESUS CHRIST has already informed us of or does it go against. Well; I definitely know that there is no reason for the LORD JESUS CHRIST to fear anything we think; look at; listen to; speak or do. Why? Because “And I am sure of this: that the ONE who began a good work among you will keep it growing until it is completed on the Day of the MESSIAH YESHUA [JESUS CHRIST]; Philippians 1:6.” Eve was seduced by the serpent. However; it is my suggestion to you that you read Genesis 2:15-18, 20-21 and 3:1-6. There are several points that I want you to see. Look over what the CREATOR and FATHER said to Adam. Look over what Eve said to the serpent. Notice that Eve was not alone as she was communicating with the serpent. Ask the LORD GOD; because Eve ate the forbidden fruit (don’t name the fruit; the bible didn’t) why is it that Adam is blamed? The Holy Spirit will reveal this to your spirit. Would you knowpseudo-emissaries/false Apstles if you saw them? Today we have many who have done just what Apostle Paul has written about. Transforming themselves into Apostles of CHRIST; this did not surprise JESUS thrn and it does not surprise JESUS today. The only ones caught off guard; is us. The adversary, the devil pretends to be an angel of light and no wonder when his very name being Lucifer is translated Day Star. So it’s no wonder that those who listen to him and fulfill his desires will meet the end of the deeds in which they deserve. I like that Apostle Paul continued to speak that he confessed that his boasting was not in accordance/agreement with the LORD JESUS (at least not entirely) but rather himself speaking out of his humanity. If we believe ourselves to be wise or knowledgable of the LORD GOD’s Word; why is it then that we fall for and gladly put up with those things that make us fools? We put up with it if someone makes slaves of us, exploit us, sucks us in, puffs himself up, slap us in the face. We are too weak and it’s a shame. Think about what we have allowed ourselves to accept just to compromise; if it goes against the Word of GOD it should go against us.

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