Created, Creation, Creator, and Creature [a series; part 2]



The things created; creatures; the world; man; the universe; anything produced or caused to exist from nothing.

It is through the blindness of humans; through the deafness of their ears and the deadness of their spirit that mankind would believe that everything that has been created only exists because of some big explosion in the sky and that mankind evolved from primates. In the book of Genesis GOD inspired Moses to write the entire account of the creation of GOD. GOD is not a man so when HE speaks it is impossible for HIM to lie. GOD is a loving GOD but prior to the crucifixion of JESUS CHRIST, HE often judged mankind and mankind felt the heat of HIS anger. After destroying the world by the flood of water to destroy all mankind who were the offsprings of fallen angels (demons); there were only eight souls kept safe from the destruction along with two of every animal that creeps on the ground; the beast and birds. I would think that there was no need to gather two of every type of animal who lived in the sea because they were capable of living in the flooded waters. Then again, this will be a great question to ask JESUS or Noah when I enter heaven. So, after the dry land appeared which is the world that we now reside in Noah was given a covenant promise from GOD with a sign that we to this day see after the rain. I myself get very excited when I see a rainbow in the sky because quickly I am reminded that this world will never again be destroyed by the flooding of water. This is the covenant that our creator GOD made with Noah that continues to exist to this day. GOD’s glory is seen everywhere because of HIS creation but man denies it. We should be in constant awe and praise and worship HIM for HIS creation for HE alone is supreme in power and dominion. GOD is the sovereign good of all who love and obey HIM. CHRIST JESUS is our supreme LORD or Ruler; the One who possesses the highest authority; our supreme magistrate; our KING. Praise to the Sovereign LORD for HIS creation! What’s wrong with us that we should not do this which HE is so deserving of? Oh, I know we are born into sin, we are sinful from our birth as we grow older without HIM and a living spirit residing within us we are blind and deaf to the Truth. We must praise our GOD not only for HIS creation but also for HIS redemption. If we can’t think of what to say to GOD the scriptures teach and remind us all that HE is the One who brought about creation from nothing and redeemed mankind from sin. All of the creation give praise to the LORD except mankind that is until mankind has begun to believe in the redemption of CHRIST JESUS. GOD in the beginning of creation created male and female; man knew his responsibility and so did the female. There was never any confusion as to who they were. But as sin began to increase man left the natural affection that he is to have for the female and likewise did the female. They have believed the lie that they are born this way. They destroy their bodies with operations to satisfy the lust for what they believe. Yet, they never realize that regardless of how much money they spend to transform their bodies to fool the public when they die the coroner will find out their secret. Not only that, but GOD will address man as man and woman as a woman. Because GOD did not make one mistake in HIS creation. Each time there is what mankind calls a natural disaster we begin to proclaim that we are living in the last days, or that GOD is angry and judging the inhabitants of the world for their actions. We then run to the local assemblies out of fear and some with emotion will pretend to give themselves over to JESUS and some with a repentant heart will give themselves over to CHRIST JESUS. But we are not aware of the warning that we have been given pertaining to the last days, if we were we would not shutter about every evil that we witness in person or from the journalist. Yes, we will see many tribulations before the actual end come, but know that they are warnings those in authority will have hearts bent to evil they speak nothing but lies even when they are enjoying their meals together in the pseudo hope of friendship but their deeds will not prosper because the appointed time has not yet come. CHRISTians and the local assemblies which preach and teach the unadulterated Good News will be captured, tortured and killed for not renouncing their devotion to CHRIST JESUS. Local assemblies will be desecrated with daily sacrifices which will be an abomination of desolation. When this time is fulfilled there will be one thousand two hundred and ninety days. So until then go your way and rest in CHRIST JESUS, arise to your inheritance.

What excuse do we have for not glorifying the One who causes all of creation? Though we are born in sin we actually have no excuse for not believing in HIM. We see HIS creation in the mirror when we look at ourselves and others. We see HIS creation in everything; CHRIST JESUS has invisible qualities in HIS eternal power and divine nature that we who belong to HIM have within us for our possession. Every creation of CHRIST JESUS understands that they are the creation of CHRIST JESUS except man, that us until he comes to CHRIST JESUS with a repentant heart and trust in HIM by faith. We all have heard of GOD and most believe in GOD but knowing and believing in GOD will get us nowhere when we deny CHRIST JESUS, HIS beloved SON. CHRIST JESUS is neither glorified nor given thanks for who HE is and what HE has done. When Adam sinned; sin was not only put on all his descendants but everything that GOD spoke into existence in creation was effected as well. I wrote in this blog that mankind call what the devil causes natural disaster; there is nothing natural about what we experience with flooding; hurricanes; tidal waves; earth-quakes and any other disaster that I can’t think of at this moment. The world is waiting patiently for the true sons of GOD to stand up and reveal themselves. Man is the only one who willingly disobeyed the voice of the LORD GOD; none of HIS other creation had any part of this, yet, all of creation has been made subject to the frustration of sin all because of Adam. However, all of creation has been given a desirable hope that every creation but man believe. Man will only believe in the hope provided when his heart has become repentant and trust in CHRIST JESUS; then and only then will they along with all of the creation know that there will come a time when they will be set free from its bondage to decay and to enjoy the freedom which comes with GOD’s glory. All of GOD’s creation groans from the pain of this fallen world due to sin. Even when we come to CHRIST we find ourselves as well groaning because we become eager to become perfect sons. This will occur when we see our redeemed bodies set free completely. At this moment we only have a perfect living spirit that we should adhere to. At this moment we are still learning to stop following the flesh, our soul then the spirit. We must follow our spirit, then our soul which the flesh must follow.

This is why we are to be taught that in CHRIST JESUS we have been created anew a totally new creation in HIM. Our old desire to sin is gone if we would only believe this, however, because we don’t we must be taught that it’s not necessary to indulge in the cravings of the flesh. And none of our traditions matter to GOD what matters to HIM is that we truly have become new creations in HIM. CHRIST JESUS is our redeemer all of our sins have been forgiven; past, present, and future. After all which of us were born during the crucifixion of JESUS CHRIST? Absolutely no one and yet HE saw each and every one of us which means that at the time of HIS crucifixion our sins were present. We can’t even name each sin that we have committed in our lifetime before coming to HIM. JESUS CHRIST is the visible image that was given to us who is the very essence of GOD. Just think of this Mary the mother of JESUS got to kiss the face of GOD daily and there were others who got to kiss GOD and not know it. The disciples got to learn from GOD first hand; they ate, traveled and slept along with GOD and never knew it. CHRIST JESUS is supreme as I wrote before; CHRIST JESUS is the One who created all things. CHRIST JESUS is our High Priest because HE has given to us a far better covenant with HIM and there are things which are better that we may not see in our lifetime but will see and experience eventually. CHRIST JESUS as our High Priest did not use HIS creation to obtain eternal redemption HE used HIS precious body as the living sacrifice we so desperately needed. I can recall and I’m certain that prideful man is still saying amongst others about the return of JESUS. Not believing that HIS return will ever come. Fools they are. Just because life continues as it has since the beginning of creation, death continues and mankind still is living sinful lives does not mean that CHRIST JESUS has forgotten HIS promise to us and that HE is coming back. Maybe the concern should not be when will CHRIST JESUS return but to be certain that we are filled with CHRIST JESUS in our heart and obey HIS Word. Nevertheless, allow me to leave you with this; CHRIST JESUS is the ruler of all creation.

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