I believe in miracles. I believe that miracles are performed often. But what we consider a miracle is really not a miracle at all. When a woman brings forth life into this world; it’s not the miracle of child birth. That’s nature; men were designed to plant seeds and women were designed to nourish the seed within the egg that is fertilized by the male. After the set time of procreation another human walks this earth. When you study to pass a class; it’s not a miracle that you received a passing grade. You prepared for the task at hand and you received a grade according to the correct answers you provided. When you are chosen to work; it’s not a miracle. You presented the qualifications and dressed professionally; according to the interview you were chosen above all the others.

A miracle is when your eyes are blind and without the interference of science you are able to see; that’s a miracle.

A miracle is when one of your limbs is either missing or shorter than the other and again without the interference of science your limb has grown out or your limb has lengthened to the correct proportion to your body. How about after your loved one has expired for several days; gone through begin embalmed and life is restored back into them; wouldn’t you consider that to be a miracle?

There are many skeptics; but try as you might miracles do exists. An event in the external world brought about by the immediate agency or the simple volition of GOD, operating without the use of means capable of being discerned by the senses, and designed to authenticate the divine.

How do you know that an event that you have heard about or have witnessed with your eyes is really a miracle? All you need to do is ask yourself; did any of the five (5) senses (see; feel; taste; hear and smell) participate in the event? If you can answer no to all than it’s a miracle; however, if you answer yes to just one (1) it’s not a miracle. This simple test will provide you the ability to remove all doubt regarding GOD and HIS ability to do the impossible. Psalm 40:5

However, when you know that GOD has performed a miracle for you or for someone that you know; it’s impossible not to tell as many as you can about it and it’s not easy to forget. If you only witness one miracle in your lifetime; you will find someone that you have not told it to and tell. Then again miracles leave such great impacts that you may find yourself telling your miracle story over and over again whenever possible. Psalm 66:5

Remember, I gave you the check list for miracle testing. Now I want to warn you about people who claim to be miracle workers. THERE IS NO SUCH THING! GOD is the only miracle worker; always has been; still is and always will be. GOD does however use people to build the faith of another to receive a miracle in their life. This is always done with the essential components of Love; Word and Faith. DO NOT send your money to anyone to get a miracle anything. Do Not stand in a miracle line and pay for a miracle. Now I’ve warned you so it’s up to you now. Psalm 86:8

There are many scriptures in the Bible where GOD worked miracles through regular men like Moses; Elisha; Elijah; Paul; Peter; John and of course the great miracle worker HIMSELF who is the very essence a miracle from birth to resurrection JESUS. I did not name all the people used to perform miracles; you will have to look up the scriptures; however, I want to leave you with this. You can be used by GOD just as Paul was and greater even JESUS said that greater works will you do. What will it take?

A.  You’re receiving JESUS into your heart as your SAVIOR.

B.  Study GODs Word.

C.  Get into a Word teaching church and submit to biblical based training

D.  Learn from the Holy Spirit

Let your faith grow

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