Each of us at some point and time in our life will mourn. It’s a hurtful place to be and I myself don’t like it. For some of us, we can mourn for a few hours or days and snap out of it. But then there are those who get stuck and will mourn for years. And now we have gotten to a place where we have made it acceptable to allow people to mourn for very long periods of time not knowing that this really is emotionally unhealthy. Missing a person is one thing but grieving and crying be they silent tears or outburst is another. I know, I mourned the passing of my grandmother for eleven years silently. And all it did was kept me from enjoying life and I know that this is not what she would have wanted for me. That was not the person she instilled in me to be. She motivated me to be a leader, she molded my character and integrity. She provided me with some good tools that I continue to use and will continue to use throughout my life. We will mourn but we must take our memories of our loved ones and use them to better ourselves and go on living. In this writing take notice of the length of time in which people mourn and why.

 Because of a lie initiated by the sons of Jacob but assumed by Jacob himself. Jacob went into mourning for his son that he believed was dead for many days. Though the number of days is unknown, he was so overtaken by grief he could not be comforted an action that many of us can relate too. But the reason Jacob could not be comforted was not that he couldn’t be comforted, it was that he refused to be comforted and this is what so many of us do as well. Jacob had actually said that he will go down into the grave mourning his son. How many of us have either tried to fall into the coffin, fall into the grave plot, simply stopped living due to mourning or witnessed these actions? Years later after moving to Egypt to be with the son he had believed was dead, Jacob died and was mourned there for seventy days. However, he was carried to and buried in Canaan and there they mourned Jacob another seven days, so all in total he had been mourned for seventy-seven days not counting the travel time from Egypt to Canaan.

When Moses died, he was mourned for thirty days and it ended.

King David mourned the death of his son Prince Absalom. His death was due to his killing his brother who raped their sister and further deceit that was taking place. King David through his mourning of a son from a father was genuine his mourning was also mixed with guilt because he never dealt with the sin issues that took place within his family. Most often when we see people overcome with great emotion it’s not so much due to the love and the fact that they will miss the individual. But it’s the guilt that is overtaking them.

What is a house of mourning? It’s a home designated usually by the closest living relative or the home of the deceased. Where the relatives and friends will gather for several days to cry and recall the memory of the deceased. But then there is another house of mourning where the resident of the house is just in a continual state of sadness after the loved one has passed, in a constant state of mourning for months or years. There is no joy or laughter. And no one comes to visit.

Daniel mourned for three full weeks. The reason why he was in mourning is that the archangel Gabriel told him about the coming of JESUS the MESSIAH but I don’t know if Daniel really understood. I know I read the Prophecy and studied it well and though I know the outcome in the prophecy unless I missed something, I did not see that Gabriel informed Daniel that JESUS would not remain dead. So I understand why Daniel would be found mourning. If after you have studied that prophecy and you see differently please inbox me on Facebook or call me.

Now I have tried to cover as much as I could about the downside of mourning. Let me shed some light on the upside and that we can come out from under that dark cloud.

Our sorrow can be turned to joy and our mourning can be turned into a holiday. I know people that when they go on vacation be it long or short they call it a holiday. And what is it that we do on vacation? We rest and play, have a good time of feasting and joy. When we are mourning the best way to come out of it is to get away for a short while, make it a gift for yourself or for someone else. We need to get out of our head, out of our emotions.

Give to the FATHER the pain that we are feeling, let HIM know how we feel, don’t hold back anything. HE can handle it all and HE will listen to us. Our FATHER will turn our mourning into dancing and HE will clothe us with gladness.

Dear heart our FATHER knows that we hurt and HE understands our pain and sorrow. But guess what? When we come to HIM, HE will console us, HE will remove all the ash of darkness from us and anoint us with fragrant oil of joy. HE will take that garment of heaviness from us and give us a better garment to praise HIM in and we will give HIM glory.

Know that you can have dancing feet again, joy will be your comfort and you will rejoice rather than be sorrowful.

And how can I blog about mourning and not include mourning for JESUS being pierced?  And I will pour on the house of David and on the inhabitants of Jerusalem the Spirit of grace and supplication; then they will look on ME whom they pierced. Yes, they will mourn for HIM as one mourns for his only son, and grieve for HIM as one grieves for a firstborn. I too grieve whenever I think about the crucifixion of my Savior and all HE went through for me. But then quickly I rejoice and thank HIM for doing and going through all that for me. Now I don’t have to face the punishment of death, hell and the lake of fire. And I will rise.

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