I’m amazed at how many people do not know who CHRIST is who is in the body of CHRIST. When the question that HE posed to HIS disciple’s so many generations ago was asked, only one gave the correct answer. The most common answer I’ve heard is that “it’s HIS last name”. The definition to CHRIST should be known throughout the body of CHRIST and just maybe if we know what CHRIST means and who CHRIST is and who HE is within us, we will be able to live accordingly.

CHRIST means MESSIAH, ANOINTED, or the Anointed ONE, the SON of the Living GOD. CHRIST is the official title of our LORD, occurring one thousand five hundred and fourteen times (1,514) in the New Testament. It denotes that HE was anointed/consecrated to HIS great redemptive work as Prophet, Priest, and King of HIS people. HE is described to us in these descriptions and books in the Old Testament.

HE is spoken of in these books which describes HIM as.

  • “MESSIAH the PRINCE” Isaiah and Daniel
  • “The SEED of the woman” and “the SEED of Abraham” Genesis
  • HE is the “PROPHET like Moses” Deuteronomy
  • “The PRIEST after the order of Melchizedek” Psalms,
  • “The ROD out of the stem of Jesse”
  • HE is “IMMANUEL,” the virgin’s son
  • “The BRANCH of JEHOVAH”, all from the book of Isaiah
  • “The MESSENGER of the Covenant”, Malachi

In order for us to know and recognize the CHRIST, we must first have HIS spirit living within us. Moses in the law and the prophets wrote about HIM. In the Old Testaments, we can see all the prophetic declarations regarding the GREAT DELIVERER and all of HIS accomplished work. 

JESUS the CHRIST is JESUS the GREAT DELIVERER the ANOINTED ONE, and the SAVIOR of mankind. JESUS was and still is divinely appointed, commissioned, and accredited as the SAVIOR of mankind.

To believe that “JESUS is the CHRIST” is to believe that HE actually is the ANOINTED, the MESSIAH of the prophets and the SAVIOR sent of GOD, that HE is, in a word, what HE claimed to be. We are to believe in the gospels, by the faith of which alone men can be brought to GOD. JESUS is the CHRIST, HE is the testimony of GOD, and the faith of this constitutes being a CHRISTian.

Most people find the genealogy of CHRIST to be boring or does not understand why this was placed into the scriptures. The reason for HIS genealogy to be made known to us is to understand HIS rightful ownership to the throne of David. As well as to show us that HIS earthly family was just as jacked up as ours is today, in the past and in the future. In studying those within HIS family we will see why the Savior is a requirement for mankind.

In the gospels, we are shown how CHRIST was birthed through a chosen virgin named Mary who before she married Joseph knew not the sexual connection between husband/man and wife/woman. However, after the birth of the CHRIST, she did discover the sexual connection between her and her husband Joseph and birthed to him, sons and daughters.

The gospels are so full of who the CHRIST is that I have decided to only share with you some highlights in the New Testaments. The NT has written within it five hundred and eighty-eight (588) declarations of who CHRIST is.

At the beginning of this blog, I shared that when CHRIST asked the question to HIS disciples that only one provided the correct answer and CHRIST shared that his answer did not come from knowing HIM through knowledge of the mind which is flesh and blood but through HIS FATHER who spoke in the spirit of Peter.

We are sinners and we deserve the punishment which is death eternally. However, GOD the FATHER loves mankind so greatly that HE has given to us a way of escape from sin, the clutches of satan and death which descends us to hell and the lake of fire.

Those of us who have believed by faith in our heart so that we are being sprinkled/washed daily in the blood of CHRIST and confessed with our mouth that belief that we now have the living CHRIST within our heart should at no time ever be ashamed to confess CHRIST before anyone. CHRIST JESUS is known for bringing division among mankind because those who do not know HIM will either blaspheme HIM or shun HIM when HE is brought up in conversations by those who love HIM and welcome the opportunity to speak about HIM with all those who are willing to listen. HIS name is not an irritant when we hear HIS name or what HE is doing in our lives as HE is with those who do not have HIM. HE is not referred to as a higher power or the man upstairs. We acknowledge the baptism of HIS afflictions as described in Ps. 66:12 and 69:1-2, we ourselves have experienced being overwhelmed. What sets us apart is that CHRIST JESUS welcomed the afflictions that HE had to go through for us. When we are afflicted or see affliction coming towards us we want out or don’t want to have to face the oncoming afflictions. CHRIST JESUS was sprinkled with HIS own blood and the blood of the enemies, Is. 63:3.

Those of us in the body of CHRIST will come to learn that as we grow up, mature in CHRIST that we will be willing to go wherever and do whatever for CHRIST not for a person who is leading in error. Many have joined cults believing that they were following what the scripture reads when it comes to leaving and hating family and friends for CHRIST. The scripture does not describe what we are to emotionally detach ourselves from them. However, if we are studying the Words of CHRIST and place our trust in HIM with complete reliance it should not matter if our family and friends think that we are cuckoo because of their lack of understanding. If we have heard CHRIST JESUS tell us that we are to be a part of a missionary than go, if we are to preach the Word of GOD as one of the five-fold ministers than be that, if we are prayer warriors than be that. The division will always begin at home when at least one member of the household is found by CHRIST JESUS, we are on fire wanting everyone we know to come to the LORD and most times we are shut down by non-believers or called holier than thou which in and of itself is not a slur but a compliment. We are never to hate any person with the definition that hate is described such as detest and great dislike. But we are to hate the sin that is within their lives, in time because of CHRIST living on the inside of us our family and friends will begin to leave us and will be replaced by our true family which is our siblings in CHRIST JESUS. But never are we to go against the Word of GOD to gain the approval of others, this is the type of hate which is being referred to.

Many will hear the truth with their natural ears and not know that CHRIST is speaking through the mortal mouth of those HE chooses to use. I’ve heard CHRIST JESUS speak through one who does not belong to HIM in order to get my attention to something I must be made aware of quickly. I’ve also had various people speak to me who do not know me to share with me a message that came from CHRIST JESUS, HIS message to me was to remind me of the promises that HE, HIMself spoke to me and they walked away. More times than not in that type of venue its confirmation to what we already know. Never at no time are we to listen to anyone who proclaims to be CHRIST or a deity they are the antichrist and usually are leaders of a cult. Beloved, know that the time has already come that believers are scattered abroad. Some are doing their own thing mainly because they could not get along with what they believe to be the manner in which CHRIST meant for us to be in fellowship. Some believe that the teachings and lifestyle of the Ten Commandments and ritual laws are to continue to be adhered to, [the law of death] others believe this or that as to how Christians are to look, conduct themselves and follow rituals and traditions, none of these are filled with grace and mercy. It’s like trying to keep oil and water bound together. In straying from the Truth we water down the gospel of CHRIST more and more. Some places of worship that we attend believe that CHRIST JESUS is there when actually HE is not. The Truth provides our lives with peace as we remain living in this world even when we have to face various trials and tribulations. What keeps us at peace is knowing that CHRIST JESUS has already overcome the world and because of that we are Overcomers.


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